Tecnipesa RBK: Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management system

Thanks to our new system you will be able to control your stock at all times

Whether your company has a medium-sized warehouse or a small warehouse, at Tecnipesa we have the solution to your problems. We have developed a web application capable of controlling and automating your warehouse. Thanks to our new Warehouse Management System, you can now have your stock under control at all times and know the exact location of each item, all without making large additional investments.

What is the Tecnipesa RBK Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

The Tecnipesa RBK Warehouse Management System has been entirely developed by Tecnipesa and works as a multiplatform web application that will allow you to visualize at any time and from any device the control of your stock and locations, as well as the inputs and outputs that are made in your warehouse on the spot. Both for the investment required and for its simplicity and ease of use, the Tecnipesa RBK WMS is particularly suitable for improving warehouse management in small and medium-sized companies.

Tecnipesa RBK Warehouse Management System
Tecnipesa RBK: Intelligent locations for your warehouse

Main benefits of the new Tecnipesa WMS:


Valid for RFID-
enabled systems

Voice Picking

VOZ System


New modules and
functions on request

Web platform

Any browser
that supports HTML

1. Real-time inventory control: you will be able to know your inventory at all times and thus reduce costs. The system will provide you with the exact quantity of items in your stock, as well as product traceability and product demand history control. This will allow you to have an accurate inventory to respond quickly to customer needs.

2. Reduce the number of discarded products: now you can control the time products are in your warehouse and therefore prevent them from ending up in poor condition.

3. Sorting products: you will have all the products in your warehouse fully located and sorted at all times. Thus, stock control will be exhaustive.

4. Help in decision making: with this WMS you will be able to obtain reports and data that will allow you to make decisions and facilitate the process, increasing the competitiveness of your company.

5. Digitise the management of delivery notes and product labelling: it will ensure error-free, fast and accurate labelling. This will reduce errors and increase profit margins.

6. Reduce errors leading to cost savings: WMS warehouse management will reduce potential human errors that slow down daily productivity. This will lead to reduced costs, reduced time and increased profit margins.

7. Real-time management: It will have a real-time management of everything related to the warehouse. Any type of incident will be detected and solved quickly and efficiently.

8. Increase storage space: it will allow you to organise your warehouse in such a way as to suggest improvements in locations and, therefore, you will be able to gain in space and optimise your resources.

9. Multi-warehouse: you can manage different warehouses in different locations.

10. Multi-language: no matter what language you need the application in, just let us know and we will provide it in the language you indicate.

11. Customised communication with your ERP:whatever ERP you are working with, we will integrate our WMS with your system in a simple way and get it up and running in a short period of time.


• It allows you to manage your otherwise chaotic warehouses in an orderly and simple way. It reduces management times and improves productivity by avoiding errors.

• Export of listings on different devices in PDF or Excel formats, as displayed on the screen.

• Multi-warehouse. It allows all warehouses to be managed centrally and regardless of their location.

• Multi-language, available in any language. 

• Integration with any ERP. With some modifications by your ERP provider all areas will be linked.

Modules and functions

• Reception: Entry orders (planned / unplanned), checking of references and quantity in different units of measurement (unit, weight, length, etc.), creation of labels, control, traceability and trackability by means of 1D/2D codes, incidents, management, and accommodation of received products, bilateral communication with other systems and traceability.

• Storage: Shelving, bin management, picking rules (FIFO, LIFO, best before date or batch), storage areas and docks.

• Inventory Management: Warehouse and stock visualisation, partial or total inventory management and automatic inventory adjustments with your ERP.

• Picking: Planning and order picking, optimisation of the picking route, traceability, and goods outgoing.

• Change log: A record is kept of all movements generated by multiple users of the WMS.

"Our experience with our customers has allowed us to develop a Warehouse Management Software that is simple, easy to use and fully adapted to the needs of medium sized companies"



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Why do you need a WMS in your company?

The Warehouse Management System (WMS), integrated with your data capture handhelds and ERP, will allow you to have a more flexible and efficient business, improving the productivity of your warehouse.

Why Tecnipesa

Because we have been helping companies like yours to streamline their processes and increase their productivity for more than 50 years. Present in two countries with a total of 6 cities, we have more than 8,000 satisfied customers who already have an automated warehouse. If you also want to be one of them, contact us and we will help you to achieve it.

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