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"Streamline data capture management in your warehouse with RFID handhelds or RFID grips. You will have an up-to-date inventory, avoiding stock-outs and other control errors"

If you have a warehouse with a large number of SKUs, it is very likely that you will need to have an up-to-date inventory, fully updated, to avoid stock-outs or other similar control problems. In addition, you will likely need a large storage capacity within each label to meet product identification and traceability requirements. In that case, you should consider RFID-enabled equipment that will allow you to optimise your inventory management, improve your productivity and reduce potential identification errors.  

Why should I use handhelds or grips with RFID technology?

RFID handhelds and grips speed up data capture in a single scan and at a greater distance than barcode equipment. Their most special feature is that they do not require direct vision between the label and the reader and therefore allow multi-product reading. In addition, RFID technology can read virtually any RFID inlay or tag, even if the tag itself may be damaged.

Among its main advantages are the following:

  • Search for lost goods in a warehouse.
  • Notifications on the handhelds of products that are out of date, out of stock or even products that we no longer have in stock.
  • Daily item management and counting, due to the speed with which the inventory count is performed.
  • Bulk reading of items, e.g., the total content of a pallet, a container or a shelf.

In short, RFID technology will allow us to be more agile, to have fully updated information at all times and to dramatically reduce possible human errors that may arise in data capture.

In which sectors or applications is it ideal to use this system?

Nowadays, more and more companies are following strict quality standards in terms of product identification and traceability in order to guarantee the origin and safety of their products. There are also many activities which, due to the high volume of operations carried out, require identification systems that streamline production processes as much as possible and dramatically reduce possible errors that may arise.

Because of these requirements, many industries are turning to RFID technology, as it is the only technology capable of meeting their needs, while minimising potential identification errors. These sectors include:

  • Warehouse and inventory management.
  • Industry and manufacture of processed or semi-processed products
  • Sea, land and air transport.
  • Retail sector
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals manufacturing
  • Food

RFID Handhelds

RFID handhelds are devices that incorporate an RFID reader as standard, either short or long range and with circular or linear reading optics. These handhelds have a screen and keyboard, which together with the RFID reader, allow products to be identified quickly and easily without the need for any other type of barcode or radiofrequency handheld.

Zebra MC3330R RFID Handheld

Zebra MC3330R RFID Handheld

The MC3330R RFID handheld incorporates a UHF RFID short range reader. Its circular reading performance and receiver sensitivity enable accurate and ultra-fast capture of even the most difficult RFID tags.

Zebra MC3390R RFID Handheld

Zebra MC3390R RFID Handheld

The MC3390R is an RFID handheld that integrates a long-range UHF RFID reader with linear read optics, providing superior performance for faster and more accurate inventory counts.

RFID grips

RFID grips, unlike handhelds, are not stand-alone devices. They operate as an accessory for other types of handhelds, such as radio frequency handhelds and mobile phones. Thanks to this type of grip, the data capture handheld is converted into a device with RFID reading optics.

While some grips are specially designed to work with specific handsets, the vast majority of RFID grips allow a wide variety of mobile phones and Bluetooth-enabled handsets to be attached.

CSL CS108 RFID Handgrip

CSL CS108 RFID Handgrip

The CS108 RFID handgrip is compatible with almost all handhelds or mobile phones with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. In addition, it is a handgrip that allows circular readings to be taken.

TSL 1128 Bluetooth Handgrip

TSL 1128 Bluetooth RFID Handgrip

The RFID 1128 handgrip allows pairing with any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled mobile phone or handheld. In addition, it is possible to attach it to the handheld or mobile phone by means of a specific accessory for each specific model.

Zebra RFD8500 Handgrip

Zebra RFD8500 RFID Handgrip

The RFD8500 RFID handgrip allows circular reading and is compatible with virtually any Android and IOS handset or mobile phone, but requires a specific holder to attach it to the sled. With the exception of Zebra TC51 model which does not require such an accessory.

Zebra RFD2000 Handgrip

Zebra RFD2000 RFID Handgrip

The Zebra RFD2000 RFID handgrip is specially designed for retail shops and superstores. The reading it performs is circular and is only compatible with Zebra's TC20 equipment.

Solutions and related articles

RFID Technology Systems

RFID Technology Systems

The RFID Technology Solution will enable you to automate your warehouse and make it smarter. Improve stock control, traceability, productivity and efficiency in your warehouse.

How we implement RFID technology in your company

How we implement RFID technology in your company

Projects to implement RFID solutions consist of several stages between the initial project and the final implementation. A well-managed project will achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI) and major improvements in the logistics of operations.

Benefits of RFID technology in your warehouse

The benefits of RFID technology in your warehouse

RFID solutions will enable you to improve your productivity and logistics efficiency, achieving a quick return on investment. RFID identification technology is ideal for managing product traceability and real-time stock control.

"Keep your inventory up to date thanks to the agility that RFID handhelds will provide"



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