Industrial Scales

Industrial Scales
"Weigh your items accurately when and where you need them, gaining security and increasing operator productivity and efficiency"

In a logistics warehouse, in the transport sector or in the distribution chain, the weighing of products or goods is one of the most delicate processes. It is important that the industrial weighing system used is accurate as well as robust, as it must operate in harsh environments.

At Tecnipesa we design the solution that best suits your needs, whatever the type of company. To facilitate the process, save resources and save time, we offer you the possibility of

weighing when and where you need it.

We also offer you a system to control the filling of boxes by weight and barcode, which eliminates possible errors and increases the productivity of your operators. It is a system that is controlled by an industrial PC, and its printer and reader are connected to a display and a scale or weighing platform.

Volumetric Systems

Automatically measure and weigh with a single picture

When measuring and weighing objects is part of everyday work and there is no system available to do this automatically, the only alternative is to use the measuring tape and then use the scale. But making manual measurements with these tapes can lead to inaccurate and inconsistent results. And, in addition, after carrying out this task, we must place the goods on the scale or weighing platform in order to know the weight. Therefore, two tasks must be carried out manually.

With the new volumetric readers, which perform both of these tasks automatically and with a single pass of the in-line packaging, your company can increase user accuracy and productivity considerably. This will allow you to increase revenue by reducing potential return shipments, reducing bottlenecks, optimising storage space, workflow, and load planning.

Datalogic Next Generation Dimensioner

Why Tecnipesa

Because we have been helping companies like yours to streamline their processes and increase their productivity for more than 50 years. Present in two countries with a total of 6 cities, we have more than 8,000 satisfied customers who already have an automated warehouse. If you also want to be one of them, contact us and we will help you to achieve it.

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