Machine Vision for Industry 4.0

Machine Vision for Industry 4.0

Machine Vision as the engine of your warehouse

Automating repetitive tasks, controlling 100% of production or verifying objects through cameras without the need for physical contact is already a reality. And to remain competitive, you need to implement these solutions in your business. How? Through Machine Vision.

This technology is capable of acquiring, processing, and analysing any information obtained from digital images. We have machine vision systems and products for quality control, defect detection, non-contact industrial metrology or robot guidance, among others.

What are the benefits of Machine Vision?

  • Management of exhaustive quality controls that would otherwise not be feasible. 
  • Automation of repetitive work performed by operators. 
  • 100% control of production at high speeds. 
  • Verification of objects without physical contact, using cameras. 
  • Dramatic time reduction in each automated process. 
  • Verification of various parts with frequent production changes. 

Eliminate the scope for errors in the production process

Machine Vision can be applied to any production process in your company as it is an ideal tool for identifying and verifying the number of parts in a batch or packaging. It will also help you to eliminate the scope for errors in your warehouse, as it is able to determine packaging or product faults and check that products are perfectly identified, have the correct information and are perfectly readable.

In this way, you will avoid 100% returns and minimise the number of products discarded due to misidentification or mismarking.

"Control 100% of production at high speeds and verify products without the need for physical contact using cameras."



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