Ink for industrial printers

Ink for inkjet printers
"The choice of original and quality inks ensures a sharp and precise print on any surface. In addition to complying with identification standards and regulations."

Tecnipesa offers quality inks for industrial printers. We specialise in inks for UBS APLINK equipment; both oil-based inks for printing directly onto porous materials and UV LED inks for printing directly onto any type of material. We are also approved by EPSON for its range of industrial colour label printers (Colorworks Series) for the marketing of cartridges for this type of machine.

Our aim is to offer you premium printing solutions for your inkjet printers from United Barcode Systems and Epson Colorworks.

Whether you need to print labels, barcodes or high-resolution graphics in vibrant colours, our industrial printer inks are the perfect choice for exceptional results.

If you're looking to maximise productivity and achieve high quality prints in vibrant colour, look no further. You can order our industrial printer inks by completing the contact form. Our team will be pleased to help you.

Trust Tecnipesa to offer you the printing solutions you need. Don't wait any longer and contact us today!

Ink for inkjet printers from United Barcode Systems

We stock oil-based and UV LED ink bottles compatible with the following Aplink printers from United Barcode Systems:

Aplink TJX de UBS





For older inkjet printers, please check availability of inks and colours.

UV LED Ink Bottles

UV LED inks are UV-sensitive inks. UV LED printing applies violet rays directly to the inks. A polymerisation process also achieves almost instantaneous drying.

UV LED inks can be used on porous (paper, cardboard, wood) and non-porous (vinyl, metal, plastic, glass) materials.

UBS UV LED Inkjet Printer Ink Bottle

  • Ink manufacturer: UBS.
  • Compatible with: APLINK UV LED 7225.
  • Colours: black, red, blue and green. Others: Find out.
  • Packaging: 1000 ml bottle.
  • For printing all types of materials.
  • Drying time: instantaneous by polymerisation.

Bottles of Oil Based Ink

Our oil-based inks offer excellent adhesion on porous materials (paper, cardboard, untreated wood) giving you consistent and professional results.

UBS Oil Based Inkjet Printer Ink Bottle

  • Ink manufacturer: UBS
  • Compatible with: APLINK TJX, APLINK MRX140, APLINK MRX BiColor
  • Colours: black, red, blue and green. Others: Find out.
  • Packaging: 1000 ml bottle.
  • For printing on all porous substrates.
  • Drying time: instantaneous.

Ink for Epson Colorworks printers

We offer colour printing inks compatible with Epson Colorworks printers, allowing you to create high-resolution, impactful prints. These inks are specifically designed for Epson printers, ensuring accurate colour reproduction and exceptional durability.

We stock ink cartridges for the following Epson Colorworks printers:


Epson Colorworks 6500



Epson Colorworks C4000


For older Epson Colorworks printers, please check ink and colour availability.

Epson Colorworks ink cartridges

Please note that each printer requires a specific cartridge.
Please indicate your printer model when ordering ink cartridges.

Epson Colorworks ink cartridges

  • Ink manufacturer: Epson
  • Compatible with: Epson C3500, Epson C6500, Epson C7500, Epson C4000
  • Colours: black, cyan, magenta, yellow
  • For printing on all types of inkjet media

We are your ink supplier

"In industrial label printing, quality inks offer great strength and durability, ensuring your labels withstand harsh conditions and maintain their legibility over time."



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