Picking Voice

Voice as a tool to speed up order picking

Freedom of movement and clear instructions are crucial in any picking or order picking process. A process in which time savings and error reduction are key to the competitiveness and profitability of the business.

We propose to integrate Voice technology in each of your warehouse handhelds. With Tecnipesa's Voice solution, your equipment will become fully multi-modal devices, capable of interpreting order lines and converting them into voice commands.

We take care of integrating Tecnipesa's VOZ, both in your handhelds and in your system, without the need to modify your WMS using a Middleware. Once the voice is implemented, VOZ will work as a translator to convert every command, both from the operator and the System, into Voice commands. The information will be instantly recorded in your system.

What is Picking Voice?

Voice Picking is a system that is used to guide operators through the picking process using voice instructions. Voice Picking solutions have the capacity to translate the different product lines that make up an order into voice commands or instructions that the operator can follow and confirm without the need to use their hands.

Tecnipesa's VOZ software converts each operator's handheld into a multi-modal device, with which he can interact not only with his keyboard or screen through voice, but also manage tasks that depend on barcode reading or weighing.

In this way, Picking Voice solutions are a tool with great potential to dramatically reduce order preparation times in any type of activity, whether industrial, pharmaceutical, food, etc., that requires a large order picking and distribution capacity.

How does Tecnipesa Picking Voice work?

Unlike other solutions that require the picking process to be adapted to the characteristics of the software, the Tecnipesa Picking Voice solution has the capacity to adapt to the different methodologies used by companies in the order preparation process and to communicate easily with the WMS, ERP or any other system used to manage orders.


Receipt of the order at the operator handheld

The WMS or order management application transmits the information of the items that will make up the order, their location, the quantity required and other information to the device


Directions to the aisle where the product is located

The operator will receive one by one the indications with the exact location to which he has to go. Our VOZ system only needs a few simple instructions to be added to each line.


Details on the location of the product

Once in the aisle, the first order line is launched with the location of the product and the system waits for the operator to indicate the check digits in the location. 


Confirmation of product location

Once the operator locates the product, he has to say the 3 check digits of that location to confirm that he has chosen the correct product. If the operator gets wrong, the system will force him/her to repeat. 


Confirmation of number of units and format

The picking system tells the operator the number of pallets, boxes or trays that are included in the order. And it is waiting for the operator to place them on the pallet and confirm. Tecnipesa's software has the great advantage of being prepared to work with units, as well as with quantities in kg, litres or other units of measurement if necessary.


The operation is repeated for each order line

The rest of the order lines continue in the same way, first indicating the location; when the operator says the check digits, the number of units is indicated; and so on, again and again, with each product until the order is completed.


Pallet label printing

Once the order is finished with all the products on the pallet, the system indicates that the label can be printed and waits for the operator to indicate the printer where the label is to be printed.


End of order and start of a new one

After printing the order, the operator is told where to leave the order and is given instructions on how to start a new one.

8 reasons why you need Picking Voice now in your company

Suitable for all warehouse sizes

It doesn't matter the size of your warehouse, your industry or the number of operators preparing orders. Except in small warehouses with only 2 or 3 employees, the productivity improvement achieved is so high that you will get a return on your investment in just a few months.

Reduce order picking errors by 60%

During the process, data is collated as the order is formed, either by voice or through the use of ring scanners to verify that it is the correct product and number of units. The increase in picking accuracy is remarkable.

Hands-free for safer and more ergonomic processing

Working solely by voice frees up both hands of the operators so that they are only responsible for transferring products to the forklift truck. The operator makes fewer movements, can load more products per pick-up and is less likely to damage the product.

Learning in just a few minutes

It is a guided and intuitive system which means that, with less than an hour of training, any operator can start working with Picking Voice; and in less than a day, be preparing orders at full capacity. Training times for new recruits are therefore shortened.

Suitable also for noisy environments

Our Voice Picking system integrates the Nuance voice recognition engine. An AI-enhanced system, which is able to understand the operator regardless of ambient noise or accent. And it works right out of the box, because it does not require any voice training process.

Adaptation to any ERP or WMS

Tecnipesa Voice Picking can communicate with any order management system. It is so simple that it only requires slight adaptations to the information received by the handheld from each operator to convert it into voice instructions.

50% faster order picking

Voice Picking increases the speed of order picking by more than 50% compared to other processes, as the operator does not have to check or write down anything on paper or at the handheld.

High return on investment

The return on investment in Voice Picking is fast, although the investment depends on the characteristics of the warehouse, the return is usually within a year, between 10 and 12 months.

What should you consider before implementing our Picking Voice solution?

The great flexibility of the Tecnipesa Picking Voice allows it to adapt quickly to any work environment. Whatever your order management system, we can use it as a source for providing voice instructions.

Our only requirements are that the warehouse has good Wi-Fi coverage and proper aisle signage. It is as simple as that.

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"Including the voice application in your handhelds will allow you to increase your warehouse productivity by more than 50%"



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