Consumables for Industrial Printers

In any manufacturing or warehousing process, product, packaging or merchandise labelling is crucial in order to avoid potential incidents throughout the supply chain. Because we are sure you have an excellent product or service, but does the labelling match the quality of your product? Remember that any product that lacks correct identification may be returned or lose its traceability and this entails economic losses that we cannot afford. Because we all know how important it is to keep a satisfied customer.

Choosing the right consumables is crucial to ensure flawless results. Using the wrong consumables can clog printheads and lead to unnecessary maintenance costs. At Tecnipesa, we understand this importance and that is why we are dedicated exclusively to offering top quality products and recognised brands.

If you are looking for consumables for your industrial printers, contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the ideal consumables for your needs.

Don't know which labels or ribbon you need?

We can advise you and send you some samples so that you can test them in your own facilities and with your own printers.

  • RFID, NFC or other smart tags
  • Customised labels for the application you need: industry, food, chemicals...
  • Wax Ribbon, Mixed Ribbon or Resin Ribbon
Customised Stickers

We know that every company has specific requirements when it comes to labels, which is why we specialise in customising them to suit your exact requirements.

We offer a variety of durable materials and high quality adhesives that ensure the legibility and strength needed in demanding industrial environments. Whether you need labels for product identification, safety labels or labels for machine labelling, we have the ideal solution for you.


Choosing the right RFID tag can be a challenge, as it is crucial to consider the operating frequency, read distance and environmental conditions in which it will be used.

At Tecnipesa, we want to make this task easier for you so that you can find the RFID consumable that best suits your business.

Ribbon tapes

Wax Ribbon, Mixed Ribbon and Resin Ribbon are available.

Don't know which one you need? It does not matter. We help you choose the most suitable option for the materials you have to print on and the environment in which your products will be stored.

Industrial inkjet printer inks

We have premium quality inks specifically designed to meet the demands of professional and industrial printing.

We have oil-based inks, UV LED inks and inks for colour printing, especially compatible with United Barcode Systems and Epson Colorworks inkjet printers.

In order for your prints to have an exceptional finish and long-lasting resistance, at Tecnipesa we only work with top brand inks.

We are your supplier for printer consumables

"Using quality printer consumables ensures greater durability, avoiding problems such as smudging, smearing or premature discolouration."



Are you in doubt about which label, ink or ribbon you need?

Contact us and we will tell you all the details.

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