Do you need to streamline your warehouse management processes? Thanks to technologies such as RFID and VOICE Picking, we can develop a tailor-made solution to improve your company's productivity. We also help you to quickly identify your products with the barcode system, and we facilitate the integration of all these solutions into your WMS. In addition, if you do not already have software, we can implement our own: Tecnipesa RBK, fully customisable. 


Voice Picking System

Picking Voice

With voice picking, you can manage order preparation based on verbal commands, allowing the operator to have both hands free, increase efficiency and avoid errors. Do you want to increase your warehouse productivity by 20%? This solution will help you do just that.

Warehouse Management

We offer you a customised solution that will allow you to organise and manage your warehouse efficiently. We have developed a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that will allow you to classify the products in your warehouse, control inventory in real time, improve locations and manage product labelling.

Stock control

Stock Control

Automating your warehouse means having the right tools to manage stock, with no margin of error and in real time. With this solution you will achieve automatic identification, real-time information capture and data transmission.

Automated Warehouses

Automate the warehouse using RFID technology to avoid human error, maximise productivity and increase picking speed. A solution that does not require large investments and brings many benefits. Do you want to automate your warehouse?

Order picking

Order Picking

We have the solution you need to speed up order picking, save costs and avoid errors. Do you want to increase customer satisfaction and maximise productivity? This solution is for you.

Wi-Fi Installations in Warehouses

Wi-Fi Installations in Warehouses

This solution will allow you to access your ERP information and send data in real time and instantly from anywhere in your company. Click and discover the solution to your warehouse coverage problems.

RFID Technology Solutions

RFID Technology Solutions

Have all the accurate information in real time no matter what changes are happening in your warehouse. Avoid possible human errors in the identification, reading and sorting of any item. Discover the solution that will turn your warehouse into a smart one.

Trazabilidad de producto

Product Traceability

Know the location, history and route of each of the goods in your warehouse easily, reliably and in real time. Find out about the solution that will enable you to detect incidents, streamline processes and facilitate decision making.

Automatic Labelling

Automatic Labelling

Combine label and barcode printing with simultaneous application on boxes, pallets, sacks, packs and more. Click and learn about this solution that will allow you to automatically label in series, reduce coding errors, eliminate processes and save costs.

Industrial Marking

Industrial Marking

Mark directly on different products as well as different packaging on the production line itself without having to interrupt the production line. Discover the solution that will increase your company's productivity.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Implementing an effective supply chain management solution is essential for your business to be competitive. With this solution you will gain customer loyalty, increase productivity and minimise errors.

Machine Vision for Industry 4.0

Machine Vision for Industry 4.0

Automating repetitive tasks, controlling 100% of the production or verifying objects through cameras without the need for physical contact are just some of the advantages that you will obtain with this solution. Learn about all its benefits.

Why Tecnipesa

Because we have been helping companies like yours to streamline their processes and increase their productivity for more than 50 years. Present in two countries with a total of 6 cities, we have more than 8,000 satisfied customers who already have an automated warehouse. If you also want to be one of them, contact us and we will help you to achieve it.

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