Mobility Edge Platform

Mobility Edge: the Android platform designed to facilitate the deployment of mobile handhelds.

From 2020 onwards, Microsoft Mobile will no longer support enterprises, so data capture handhelds that integrate this operating system will no longer have the necessary security.

For this reason, and because of growing business needs, a new platform, Mobility Edge, has been created, based on the Android environment and specially designed to facilitate the deployment of mobile handhelds.

What is the basis of the Mobility Edge?

  • Hardware system: all Mobility Edge computers have the same motherboard. In this way, you can have different models of mobile handhelds, which integrate this platform, and facilitate the testing of applications. In other words, if you have two completely separate computers, but with the same base, Mobility Edge, you can test a given application on one of the mobile devices. If it works, you know it will work on all other equipment. This will reduce configuration and testing time on different handhelds.

  • System Software: Android. Allows up to three secure operating system updates. This means that equipment purchased today can last for more than 8 years with a full safety guarantee.

What benefits does Mobility Edge bring to my business?

  • Simple implementation. Implementation is much quicker and easier, saving you time and money. Mobility Edge also speeds up configuration and allows you to download new applications and updates from multiple devices at once.

  • Optimise the performance of mobile employees. Faster data capture, secure and improved communications between employees.

  • Extends the equipment life cycle. Upward compatibility with operating system versions. It is a robust system, built to last for more years, thus reducing the cost of the investment. Ready to update up to three times the current Android version.

On which handhelds can this platform be used?

  • In all those that incorporate this new platform as a base, as they will all have the same motherboard and the same software base.

  • For the time being, you can already see it in Honeywell's new CT60 and CN80 handhelds.

Learn more?

Please contact us to learn more about this new solution and the benefits for your business.

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Honeywell CK65

Ultra-rugged handheld for warehouse and production environments, with a battery life of up to 3 full working shifts. It is the replacement for the CK3 and fully compatible with virtually all CK3 accessories. 

Honeywell Dolphin CT60 XP

Honeywell Dolphin CT60 XP

Data capture handheld built on the Mobility Edge platform, offering real-time connectivity. It provides best-in-class data capture speeds.

Honeywell Thor VM1A Forklift Truck Terminal

Honeywell Thor VM1A Forklift Truck Handheld

Honeywell's Thor VM1A is a very compact, ergonomic and powerful forklift truck handheld with innovative features that maximise productivity. Upgradeable from Android O to Android R.

Honeywell Thor VM3A Vehicle Mounted Computer

Honeywell Thor VM3A Vehicle Mounted Computer

The Thor VM3A forklift handheld offers the highest capacity in the industry. Easy assembly and disassembly to the docking station in seconds. It has an ignition control that prevents the device from draining the vehicle's battery.

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