Industrial Tablet

Industrial Tablet
"Capable of working in the harshest environments and of being handled with gloves, the long battery life will prevent interruptions in production and ensure efficient operation throughout the day"

Working in industrial or logistic environments requires robust tools that respond to any situation such as extreme temperatures, vibrations, etc. These needs are effectively met by Tecnipesa's industrial tablets, thanks to their features:

  • Ultra-rugged tablets: capable of working effectively in the harshest environments and are highly responsive in temperature-changing environments
  • Long battery life: Battery life during a work shift is guaranteed, thus avoiding interruptions in production
  • They can be used with gloves: their touch screen is designed so that the user can operate them without removing gloves.

If it is easier for you to type on a keyboard, you have the option of incorporating one that allows you to work in a more comfortable and agile way.


Honeywell RT10 Industrial Tablet for Windows or Android

Honeywell RT10 Android or Windows tablet

The Honeywell RT10 with a 10" screen is suitable for any business environment as it has a Windows or Android system and Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity. It is extremely resistant to drops and vibrations and is IP65 certified against dust and water. Integrates FlexRange code reading, which allows close and distant reading.

Zebra ET51 and ET56 Industrial tablets

Zebra ET5X Tablet with Windows

The ET51/ET56 Industrial Tablets working under Windows environment are extremely robust, but at the same time light and easy to carry. Available in 8.4" and 10" screens, fully readable in daylight, even in sunlight.

Zebra L10 Tablet

Zebra L10 Tablet with Windows

Zebra L10 family of tablets are ideal for mobile operators. There are different versions, Tablet Slate, Tablet with rigid handle and an integrated barcode option or even a Tablet / laptop two in one, with a full keyboard. In this way, each operator can choose the tool that best suits his or her way of working.

Honeywell ScanPal EDA71

Honeywell ScanPal EDA71 Tablet with Android Enterprise

Android industrial tablet (Version O, P and Q) with a 7" touch screen that responds to both dry and wet hands, making it ideal for use in demanding wet environments. Integrated 1D / 2D barcode reader.

Prox Systems MH-5752 tablet

Prox Systems MH5752 Tablet with Windows

The Windows tablet MH5752 is ideal for business environments that require the use of Windows. It features a compact design and a 7" capacitive touch screen, easy to read even in bright sunlight.

Prox Systems MH5100 Rugged Tablet with Windows

Prox Systems MH5100 Rugged Tablet with Windows

The MH5100 tablet is ultra-rugged and offers excellent value for money. It features a 10" touch screen and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS. In addition, its battery lasts for a full work shift, so you don't have to charge it during the day.

MioWork L1000 Series Tablet

MioWORK L1000 Series Tablet with Android

The MioWORK L1000 Series 10" Tablet is the ideal solution for mobile operators who need a rugged device. It has an Android operating system (with or without GMS, Google Mobile Services) and is equipped with the highest level of protection against dust and moisture, IP67. It is also an economical model with great performance.

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