Industrial Labelling Machines

Industrial Labelling Machines
"Automatic printing and application of up to 125 labels per minute."

Automatic labellers are equipment for printing and applying labels on the production line itself and on the spot. They are mainly used to identify secondary packaging (sacks, boxes, packs, etc.) and pallets correctly.

Working in production companies or logistics warehouses means having to label a large number of references on a daily basis, on different materials and sometimes at different angles. The workload is high and cannot afford mistakes or poor labelling quality. In addition, when production rates are high, printing labels and doing the work manually is not a good option. It will slow down the work and lead to errors.

To guarantee a correct printing of the codes, we provide you with the best print engines on the market, among which we can find Zebra, Sato or Honeywell printing, among others.

In addition, our automatic label printing and application equipment (APL range) can meet GS1 global coding and traceability standards with ANSI, Grade A and B barcode printing in GTIN codes.

If you really want to facilitate the work process and increase the speed of your packaging identification system, an automatic label printing and application system is the solution for you. Designed to operate at extreme speeds, they are capable of labelling up to 125 references per minute with no loss of print quality. They are also self-contained and capable of applying labels on the move.

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Labelling machine types Functionality Features
Automatic labellers for boxes, sacks or packs Secondary packaging labelling Flexible attachment, allows labelling at high speeds
Automatic pallet labeller Labelling any type of barcode on pallets High-quality labelling at speeds of up to 12 labels per minute

Automatic labellers for boxes, sacks or packs

With these labellers, secondary packaging can be labelled at high speeds. Its attachment is flexible so that you can print linearly or dual, blown or at different angles.

APL 38s

Automatically labels up to 90 cartons per minute on different materials. Labels can be attached to the top, side, front and back and there is also the possibility of attaching two labels per pack or in a corner.

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Depending on the characteristics of your application, you will need a specific automatic labelling machine.

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Automatic pallet labeller

The automatic pallet labellers will enable you to label any type of barcode in high quality at a speed of up to 12 labels per minute.

APL 8000 ELV

Specially designed for pallet labelling in medium and high volume industrial environments. With a print quality of up to 300 dpi, the APL 8000 ELV prints from one to three sides of the pallet at a speed of up to 138 pallets per hour.

APL 8000

Automatic label printing and application system capable of labelling 1, 2 and up to 3 sides of the pallet. Excellent flexibility that allows it to easily adapt to high-speed applications and harsh industrial environments.

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