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Soluciones con tecnología RFID

Improve productivity with the most flexible smart identification system

The savings in handling time, the reduction in the number of operators required and the practical elimination of errors in identification allow to improve productivity in a wide variety of applications in multiple industries. RFID identification is an easy system to implement and manage system that can pay for itself in less than a year.

RFID identification of your products will allow you to improve your logistics efficiency

The identification and traceability of products and raw materials is becoming increasingly important. Having all this information, accurate and in real time, is crucial to be able to guarantee the safety of your products or the state of your warehouse. A misidentification error can lead to reduced productivity or the scrapping of an entire batch, with all the consequences that this entails.

To avoid all this, the solution is to automate your production and logistics processes. How? Implementing RFID technology.

By using an RFID solution, you can know the status of your stock and your warehouse in real time. It will also allow you to avoid human errors in identifying, reading and sorting items that could cost thousands of euros. Learn more about what RFID technology is and how it works for your business.

Your stock and load movement controlled in real time. 100% automated. No operator intervention.

Applications of RFID Technology for different sectors

Control de salidas y entradas de palets y contenedores con RFID

Control of incoming and outgoing pallets and containers with RFID

RFID technology avoids millions in economic losses caused by returnable pallets and containers that are not returned every year, thanks to the possibility of controlling the entry and exit of all of them.

Beneficios y herramientas de la tecnología RFID, en hospitales

RFID applications in hospitals and the healthcare sector

RFID is a technology that makes it possible to work in a more efficient and intelligent way, in favour of the patient. It improves the traceability of medicines and the control of the treatments applied.

Control de salidas y entradas de palets y contenedores con RFID

Traceability of pharmaceutical products

RFID technology is particularly suitable for tracking and tracing pharmaceutical products due to the difficulty of counterfeiting the tags and the large amount of information they can contain.

Beneficios y herramientas de la tecnología RFID, en hospitales

RFID in the food industry

In the food industry, it is essential to keep track of packaging and expiry dates to ensure the safety of the people who eat them. In addition, it allows the batch control of products, so that you know where the product has been manufactured, distributed and sold, allowing you to recall products if necessary.

Control de salidas y entradas de palets y contenedores con RFID

RFID access control

RFID technology solutions improve the security of access control cards by providing information on the number of times and where the card has been used, how many people have entered a facility or if a false entry has been made.

Beneficios y herramientas de la tecnología RFID, en hospitales

RFID livestock monitoring and management

Monitoring livestock is crucial to ensure food security. Thanks to RFID, it is possible to identify both the animal's health status when alive (number of vaccinations, weight, type of feed, etc.) and its traceability once it has been slaughtered.

Control de salidas y entradas de palets y contenedores con RFID

Stock Control

Knowing the level of stocks is essential for production. RFID technology makes it possible to monitor incoming and outgoing materials or products in the warehouse. This ensures correct stock control and avoids production stoppages due to stock shortages.

Beneficios y herramientas de la tecnología RFID, en hospitales

Industry automation with RFID

RFID technology makes it possible to create solutions to automate production in industry. Several handhelds or readers are placed throughout the various stations of the assembly line, ensuring that the right elements are assembled to create the final product.

Components of an RFID system

An RFID system can consist of different elements that interact with each other to provide the desired information almost instantaneously. The information of an object or product is stored on the chip of the tag which will be printed on-site with the RFID printer. RFID handhelds or readers (either handheld or fixed that are placed on an arch or pole) are then used to read the tag.

This reading is possible thanks to the RFID antenna, which transmits the information between the tag and the handheld or reader by means of radio frequency waves. Subsequently, it is possible to transfer this information to your Warehouse Management System, which will collate the data from the reading and give us confirmation. Integrating RFID solutions with a WMS allows you to know the current status of your warehouse in real time.

Advantages of RFID technology

Unattended RFID

No operator required to take readings

RFID multiple identification

Simultaneous multiple identification

RFID identification on the move

Readability on the move

RFID cost savings

Savings and cost-efficiency

RFID remote identification

Remote (+10 metres) and non-line-of-sight identification

RFID real-time reading

Real-time data reading and transmission

RFID speed reading

Reading speed: less than 100ms

RFID error reduction

Reduction of identification errors

Solutions and related articles

Product traceability

Product traceability

The product traceability solution will allow you to know the location of your items throughout the supply chain in real time, complying with regulations and avoiding losses.

How to implement RFID

How we implement RFID technology in your company

Projects to implement RFID solutions consist of several stages between the initial project and the final implementation. A well-managed project will achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI) and major improvements in the logistics of operations.

Why you should use RFID technology in your warehouse

The benefits of RFID technology in your warehouse

RFID solutions will enable you to improve your productivity and logistics efficiency, achieving a quick return on investment. RFID identification technology is ideal for managing product traceability and real-time stock control.

Inventory solutions for businesses

RFID Traceability: security and confidence for you and your customers

In any warehouse it is important to control the traceability of items. In order to avoid errors and ensure safety, we need to know the history, location and trajectory of a product or batch of products in real time.

"An RFID system can reduce the time spent on stock management by up to 10 times."



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