Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Solutions that streamline supply chain management

Supply chain management involves controlling the entire process of a product from the time it is manufactured until it reaches the end consumer. Different links in which a large number of agents are involved, which means that poor management can lead to errors with very negative consequences for the company, as well as lower productivity and longer delivery times.

Implementing an effective supply chain management solution is therefore essential for your company to be competitive. These are the benefits it will generate for your company:

  • Customer loyalty: you will be able to meet delivery times and improve the purchasing conditions of your products, thereby increasing customer confidence and customer loyalty.
  • Full control on each product: You will be able to control the traceability of each product and know all the information in real time.
  • Increased productivity and minimisation of conflicts and errors: small conflicts that may occur between the different actors involved in the supply chain will disappear. You will also be able to detect and remedy incidents while minimising the severity of the consequences. This will lead to increased productivity and efficiency at work.

Tecnipesa will help you to efficiently manage the distribution chain by means of these processes

Identification of items, packaging and shelves or aisles

In order to have full control on the products, correct identification is essential. It must generate the labels containing the necessary information in each case and print it on the appropriate medium.
At Tecnipesa, we offer you the solution that best suits your labelling needs, whether for labelling raw materials or packaging for shipment.

Real-time data capture

A solution that allows you to read the data and collect it in your ERP is also essential to know what is happening in your warehouse in real time. At Tecnipesa we offer you portable handhelds, RFID equipment, machine readers among others that will allow you to control your stock and facilitate decision making.

Traceability management

We develop the software you need and integrate it with your ERP so that you can have all the necessary information in one place. This allows you to know the traceability of each product in real time.

Wireless infrastructure

To keep data flowing in your warehouse and your stock constantly up to date, we analyse the access points that are best suited to each of the spaces of your facilities, then install and commission them.


We have a Warehouse Management System developed by Tecnipesa, which does not require large additional investments. We also develop certain applications to improve and optimise inventory management or traceability control and integrate them with your ERP, whatever it may be.

A revolution in the control and traceability of goods.

"Implementing an effective supply chain management solution is essential for your company to be competitive"



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