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Barcode Reader
"Simple inventory taking, quicker replenishment of materials or quicker verification of correct labelling are just some of the advantages of a barcode reader"

A barcode reader is a scanner capable of reading barcodes by means of a laser or imager area reader. It is an electronic device whose main function is to scan these codes and send the data, via a Wi-Fi antenna, Bluetooth or cable, to a handheld or computer that will manage and store the information obtained from the readings taken.

It is an essential device in sectors such as industry, retail or logistics, in short, in any business that has a warehouse or shop. Where you can't afford mistakes that cause you to lose customers, slow down work or mismanage labelling or inventory. You need a barcode reader that is agile, that allows you to read at the distance you need, that reads different types of codes, that is robust. In other words, a reader capable of working smoothly, whatever the application or environment.

No matter what the sector or the characteristics of your business.
You will find the barcode reader you need here.

Most common readers Functionality Features
Wireless or USB barcode readers Facilitating freedom of movement and allowing the user to read code wirelessly Increased security, efficient data transmission, freedom of movement, no wiring
Industrial Barcode Readers Specially designed for use in industrial sectors and logistics warehouses Speed, power, reading distance, durability, agility and accuracy
Industrial stationary barcode readers Perfect for industry and logistics, as it allows a large scanning volume at high speed and from a distance Fixed reading arches that read at high speeds. Readers capable of adapting to different production lines and reading different codes
Antimicrobial barcode readers Specially designed to inhibit micro-organisms such as the COVID-19 virus High sanitary safety due to antimicrobial and disinfectant materials.
Ring barcode readers The ring-shaped design allows you to keep your hands free to handle the products Bluetooth system, light, fast and comfortable for the people who have to use it
Point-of-sale barcode scanners Enable fast and error-free reading of codes printed on paper or on the screen of any device Fast reading and sending of data, efficient and easy to use
QR code reader and Datamatrix reader Fixed or handheld readers that allow the reading of QR or Datamatrix barcodes Accurate reading and storage capacity up to 100 times higher than traditional barcodes

Keys to choosing the best barcode

But bear in mind that there is a wide variety of barcodes, and consequently a wide variety of barcode readers for every company's needs. Thus, the main criteria to be taken into account when choosing the barcode reader that best suits your needs are the following:

Barcode or QR Code

There are two main groups of barcodes, those known as 1D and those known as 2D. 1D barcodes, also known as traditional or linear barcodes, are composed of parallel bars arranged in a line.

2D codes, on the other hand, are those that use 2 dimensions to create an image, capable of holding more information than 1D codes. Among the 2D codes, QR codes and Datamatrix codes stand out.

Fixed or mobile reader

The type of work and the location where it is to be carried out must be taken into account. Thus, there are fixed readers, such as those that are placed in a supermarket cash dispenser for example, and portable readers, which, thanks to a cable or wireless connection, allow readings to be taken wherever they are needed.

The latter can be in the form of a barcode handheld scanner, or can be even smaller, in so-called USB or pocket formats.

Wired or wireless

Finally, among the non-fixed readers, we can find wired and wireless barcode readers.

The main difference lies in the movement autonomy and battery life, given that wired readers have limited movement depending on the length of the connection cable, while wireless readers offer complete freedom of movement, but with a battery that limits the time they can be used.

Do you want to know all the features to consider when choosing the barcode reader that best suits your business?

Wireless or USB barcode readers

Eliminate cables that slow you down and make your work difficult

With wireless barcode readers you have freedom of movement and gain in security thanks to the elimination of cables, which makes these devices particularly convenient to operate.

Wired barcode readers prevent you from being able to reach certain locations or prevent you from moving to other parts of the warehouse or workstation where you need to scan. In addition, cables can be easily damaged, hindering data transfer and potentially endangering the safety of employees in the event of an accident.

That's why wireless barcode readers are the best choice if you have to work in large spaces, travel long distances or move across aisles, situations where a cable can be a hindrance.

Likewise, thanks to their small size and wireless nature, they are ideal for delivery and transport tasks thanks to the working autonomy they offer for taking readings anywhere. You will be able to move in and out of the server without losing connection and perform efficient and fast code scanning.

In addition, these devices are fully configurable and have a variety of reading options thanks to their 1D and 2D omni-directional reading technology. Simply choose the wireless barcode reader that best suits your needs and configure it to work properly.

Rida DBT6400 Series Wireless Barcode Reader

Rida DBT6400 Series

Wireless imager that integrates Bluetooth wireless technology. Its pocket size is ideal for connection to mobile devices, especially tablets.

Honeywell Voyager 1602g NEW Wireless Pocket Scanner

Honeywell Voyager 1602g NEW

Despite its pocket size, it incorporates high-precision scanning technology, making it the ideal reader to carry around.

"Move freely and ensure efficient barcode scanning from any location"



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Industrial Barcode Readers

4 features that make it the most effective reader in industrial and logistics sectors

Industrial barcode readers are specially designed for use in industry and logistics warehouses. Thanks to their robustness and IP rating, they work perfectly in extreme conditions and are even resistant to multiple drops. These characteristics are indispensable for tasks such as inventory control in these sectors, where dust or moisture can be encountered and can damage other readers with less protection.

In addition, in the logistics sector, it is very common that the reader has to be transported from one point to another in the warehouse to perform the necessary readings, which is why, on occasions, a wireless barcode reader can be very useful.

But it's not all about the ruggedness and durability of these industrial barcode readers. Both the industrial and logistics sectors handle a large amount of data that needs to be captured, sent and stored in a Warehouse Management System. This makes power and speed of reading other essential features of these barcode handheld scanners, in addition to reading accuracy, as

labels can be damaged in transport or handling, making it difficult to read the barcodes printed on them.

Therefore, when selecting a suitable reader for work in industry or the logistics sector, we must ensure that it meets these 4 characteristics:

Speed: In industrial environments, people are working against the clock and scanners must respond efficiently, with no delays in sending and collecting data.
Power: It's not just about battery life, it also requires the barcode handheld scanners to have a good range no matter how far away you are.
Robustness: Industrial readers are able to withstand the most extreme conditions and are also resistant to multiple drops.
Accuracy: It has to be able to read any barcode regardless of the material it is printed on, its quality or size.

Datalogic PowerScan PM9600 Series industrial barcode scanner

Datalogic PowerScan PM9600 Series

Industrial scanner specially designed for the most robust environments requiring a high read rate. Datalogic's PM9600 Series readers offer unmatched speed and reliability in merchandise management and part or material tracking. In addition, they feature omni-directional and long-range reading, allowing all types of codes to be read from any angle.

"Gain agility, speed and efficiency in barcode reading from any point"



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Industrial fixed mount barcode scanners

Increase productivity by scanning on your own production line or conveyor belts at high speed

The fixed industrial barcode scanner is perfect for some of the activities that take place in industry and logistics such as the reception of parts and products or the sorting of packages, as it allows a large volume of scanning to be carried out at high speed and from a distance, facilitating the work and increasing productivity.

If your warehouse has a conveyor belt, you know how chaotic it can be when something goes wrong, bringing your production line to a standstill. In addition, some barcodes arrive damaged, making them difficult to read and slowing down the work. In demanding environments such as industry and the transport and logistics sector, where dust, humidity and other elements that can damage labels can be encountered, you need a barcode reader that speeds up the supply chain, avoiding possible reading errors.

Considering the features of these applications, here are the 4 must-have features of your industrial fixed barcode reader so that chaos doesn't take over your warehouse while still increasing your productivity:

Reading flexibility: Barcode readers capable of adapting to any space.

Fast reading of a large volume of codes.: One of the characteristics of this sector is the volume of codes that need to be scanned in a short time, so the speed of these industrial readers will increase your productivity

Ability to scan any barcode: Whether printed on paper, engraved on a product or displayed on a mobile device, they are capable of reading any barcode without error. You only need to choose the type of reader or model that best suits your needs, whether you are looking for a reader for pallet picking, to follow the traceability of your parts and products or to check the orders you have prepared before dispatching them.

Robustness: The quality of the materials in which they are designed make them perfect devices to work in demanding environments such as the transport and logistics sector or industries, where temperatures, humidity, dust or other debris and shavings; and even the handling of packages, can damage the labels and the readers themselves, causing a problem in the production of your company.

DS8110 industrial fixed barcode reader


This laser 1D reader is the perfect reader if you are in the Transport and Logistics sector, as it is designed to meet the demands of sorting applications.

Industrial fixed mount barcode reader Matrix 120

Matrix 120

Ultra-compact industrial 1D/2D imager that fits into any space. With an IP65 rating, it is ideal for both the more industrial and food and beverage sectors.

Matrix 320 Industrial Barcode Reader

Matrix 320

1D/2D Image code reader with an excellent field of view that allows even the most difficult to read codes to be scanned at high speeds.

"High reading speed on the production line itself. Capable of adapting to any space, however small it may be. Ideal for the most demanding environments"



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Antimicrobial barcode readers

Protect your customers and employees from Covid-19 with antimicrobial kits

Today, it is particularly important to comply with security measures in order to ensure the safety of your employees from COVID-19 and to regain trust.

For this reason, Tecnipesa recommends the use of Healthcare (HC) scanners and handhelds. These handhelds are manufactured with additional protection of antimicrobial plastics that prevent the growth of germs and other micro-organisms.

Thanks to these health-conscious materials, antimicrobial barcode readers are the ideal tool to protect employees and customers in the healthcare, chemical and pharmaceutical industries,

where scrupulous compliance with regulations is essential to protect the health of employees, patients and other customers.

The antimicrobial plastics that make up this handheld make it particularly resistant to washing with aggressive products that could damage other handhelds, but are essential to ensure that there is no contagion from the use of barcode scanning handhelds.

Among other applications, barcode readers of the Healthcare type are very useful for product identification and warehouse management in the healthcare, chemical or pharmaceutical sector.

 Datalogic Gryphon 4500 HC Series Antimicrobial Barcode Scanner

Datalogic Gryphon 4500 HC Series Reader

It is a barcode reader specially designed to ensure health safety, thanks to its materials against micro-organisms. It features Green Spot Technology to feed back the reading and great autonomy thanks to QI contactless charging.

"High sanitary safety due to antimicrobial and disinfectant materials. Protect your employees from the threat of COVID-19"



Hands-free barcode reader: ring scanners

Capture barcodes with complete freedom of movement

Hands-free readers allow you to work with greater freedom of movement in your warehouse. No more holding the device, with a ring reader your hands are free to handle goods or check delivery notes as you move through the warehouse to take inventory or prepare an order. This will enable you to work faster and more efficiently. To scan the barcode, all you have to do is put a ring-shaped device on your index finger.

In addition, thanks to their advanced Bluetooth system, they offer total freedom of movement, as they are completely wireless barcode readers. You will be able to move around easily and move away from the server without losing the connection, performing barcode scanning quickly, securely and comfortably.

Datalogic Handscanner Wrist Barcode Scanner

Handscanner de Datalogic

Lightweight scanner that fits easily on any wrist. Allows 1D and 2D codes to be read from any angle.

Zebra RS6000 ring barcode reader

Zebra RS6000 Ring Scanner

Do you want to work without having to hold the barcode reader in your hands? You'll love this ring scanner.

Honeywell 8680i NEW Ring Barcode Scanner

Honeywell 8680i NEW Ring Scanner

Extremely lightweight and ergonomic. It is the ideal complement for hands-free scanning of any code.

"To work faster and more efficiently you need your hands free. And you can only do that with the ring reader"



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Point-of-sale barcode scanners

Increase customer satisfaction

Readers designed specifically for the retail sector allow fast reading of 1D codes, such as traditional barcodes (composed of parallel bars), whether Ean 13, Ean 8, Code 128 or other codes, and 2D codes, including DataMatrix and QR codes, which are increasingly used in physical and electronic commerce. It can also read both labels and PDFs printed on paper or on the screen of any device.

In retail, or any other point of sale, the reader cannot be allowed to fail or be slow, as this could

lead to problems in customer service or at the checkout counters.

Because a bad customer experience or making the customer wait longer than necessary can result in a lost sale. To prevent this from happening, it is essential to have one of these barcode readers specially designed for point-of-sale, which allows you to read the code quickly and without errors.

Maguellan 1500i Point-of-Sale Scanner

Maguellan 1500i 

Omni-directional counter scanner that integrates the latest digital imaging technology and decodes 1D and 2D codes in both paper and digital.

Honeywell Xenon 1952 bf NEW barcode handheld scanner, ideal for shops

Honeywell Xenon 1952 bf NEW

This wireless scanner offers fast, accurate barcode scanning from up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the base – without the recharge time, expense, and environmental impact of a battery.

Cash register and point-of-sale barcode reader Genesis XP 7680G

Honeywell Genesis XP 7680Gs

Hands-free counter scanner for easy scanning of large and bulky items.

"A fast and efficient code reading that will allow you to increase sales"



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