Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Make your business profitable by automating your warehouse

At Tecnipesa we offer you a customised solution that will allow you to organise and manage your warehouse efficiently. We have developed a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can be combined with technologies such as barcodes, RFID or Voice Picking and that will allow you to classify the products in your warehouse, control inventory in real time, improve traceability, digitise the management of delivery notes, manage product labelling and picking orders.

Our WMS allows you to minimise human error in order picking, improving operator productivity and streamlining all inventory processes.

6 keys to improve warehouse management

Optimally managing and organising a warehouse is no easy task. Many factors need to be taken into account to maximise productivity and profitability. 

Space Organisation

Space Organisation

It must optimise space and organise it in such a way that operators do not have to travel long distances for order picking.

Optimise order picking

Design an appropriate order picking methodology to streamline the process and maximise productivity.

Inventory Automation

The inventory process should be as fast as possible. RFID technology allows you to do this at the touch of a button.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Stock Control
de stock

To maximise productivity and profitability, as well as to facilitate decision making, you need WMS software that allows you to know in real time what is happening in your warehouse.

Maximice la productividad de los operarios

Use radio frequency handhelds to automate data capture or opt for hands-free technology such as Voice Picking, which allows you to prepare orders instantly and without errors.

A good Wi-Fi connection

Operators and their devices need good coverage to be able to work efficiently at all points in the warehouse. It is necessary to have an installation with Wi-Fi Antennas to ensure optimal coverage for the data to flow.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The tool for integrating all parts of a warehouse n 

The correct management of a warehouse depends on a large number of variables. That is why it is of vital importance to have a tool that allows us to integrate all the information generated in a warehouse. The Tecnipesa RBK Warehouse Management System works as a multi-platform web application with different modules that will allow you to know at any time and from any device the status of your warehouse.

You will be able to monitor incoming and outgoing products, inventory and the location of each package in real time, which will allow you to reduce the number of discarded products and increase storage capacity. Moreover, as it is a multi-warehouse, multi-platform software, you can manage all your installations at the same time, regardless of whether you use barcode or RFID equipment.

The Tecnipesa RBK Warehouse Management System has the capability to connect with your ERP to transmit all the information generated in the multiple operations of a warehouse and receive new indications such as orders or production parts.

Due to the high capacity of integration with other tools such as RFID, barcode or Voice Picking, the WMS has a large flow of information. Tecnipesa RBK has the capability to analyse and shape all the data received from the warehouse equipment, providing valuable information for the management team to make decisions.

This makes the WMS we have developed not only a great tool for the management of your warehouse, but also an analysis tool with great potential, which will allow you to have real-time detailed information on stock, orders served and response times in order to reduce management costs and minimise possible errors and delays in orders.

The Warehouse Management Software (WMS) integrates communication between barcode readers, RFID handhelds and Voice Picking. 

Barcode warehouse management

The barcode system, either in its traditional form or as a QR code, is the most widespread method of identifying products in a warehouse. As a simple system, it cannot hold as much information as RFID tagging, but it is ideal because of its low cost and ease of use. Even if you need to print large volumes of labels on the same production line, we have automatic labelling and industrial marking systems on the same packaging.

Once in the warehouse, the bar-coded products are recorded in the WMS and placed on the right shelf, so that when an order arrives, they can be easily located and served.

The big disadvantage we find in a bar-coded warehouse is when it comes to inventory. Ensuring that the stock indicated in the WMS or ERP matches what is actually on the shelves is an arduous task that takes several days, because it requires operators to access within a very short distance of each of the stored packages. In this sense, a warehouse with RFID technology allows inventories to be carried out automatically, as it does not require direct vision with the product label.

 Tecnipesa Thor VM1A, a comfortable and efficient solution for your warehouse

Warehouse Management with RFID Technology

One of the most effective solutions for warehouse management is to automate the warehouse using RFID technology solutions. The aim is to use radio frequency to avoid errors and improve productivity.

RFID is the ideal solution for labelling products in warehouses where many SKUs are moved. These labels collect more information than normal barcodes, allowing stock control through automatic inventory management of incoming and outgoing stock, while tracking traceability in real time.

A warehouse with RFID is an automated warehouse in which you can know, at all times, the available stock of each product, serve perishable products on time, control incoming and outgoing products by simply passing through RFID arches, avoid errors in orders and, in short, multiply the productivity of your team.

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Voice Picking in Warehouse Management

Order picking requires a large number of operations: Handle the item, print delivery notes, capture data, check SKUs... Voice Picking is one of the most powerful technologies that are currently making a difference in warehouse management.

It is a software that integrates with your WMS and allows you to manage the warehouse using voice as the main tool and leaving your hands free so that operators can work with agility and greater comfort. This system increases warehouse productivity by 20% and almost completely eliminates human error.

Voice Picking in Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Solutions for all types of industries

There is practically no company, no matter how small, that does not have a warehouse. Depending on its activity, the size of the warehouse can range from a small room to several industrial halls where thousands of goods are moved every day.

In all of them, successful warehouse management is key in order to find the product as quickly as possible, avoid losses and carry out inventories in the shortest possible time. Our Tecnipesa RBK solution is perfectly adapted to small and medium-sized warehouses as it allows the ERP, barcode or RFID reading and order preparation with voice picking to be connected together.

Logistics warehouse management

Control of entries, stock, and preparation of orders in logistics warehouses

In environments with a lot of goods movement, such as logistics warehouses, the best way to be able to control all incoming and outgoing information is to do it in an automated way. The solution that offers the best performance is RFID technology, which together with a Warehouse Management System can automate stock control, as well as the entry and exit of products and other elements such as returnable pallets and containers. It can also be integrated with voice picking to speed up order preparation and operator movements.

Pharmaceutical and chemical warehouse management

Traceability, storage and administration of medicines and chemicals

Some medicines and other chemicals require specific storage and traceability conditions that must be monitored at all times. In these circumstances, a good Warehouse Management System is essential. In addition, it can be combined with RFID technology, which allows real-time traceability control and the storage of further information, such as storage guidelines or patient administration.

Retail warehouse and shop management

Management of small retail stores and shops

The RBK warehouse management system developed by Tecnipesa is highly flexible and simple to use, which, together with the low investment required, makes it the ideal tool for improving warehouse management in small and medium-sized companies. In addition, in combination with a data capture handheld, you can monitor your stock at all times.

Industrial Warehouse Management

Identification and automation in industry

Industrial warehouses have a large number of references that move through the warehouse and the production line, from semi-finished parts to finished products. To reduce management and production times in these environments, the combination of a good WMS together with automated industrial labelling or marking equipment can make the difference, reducing production costs.

Food and Beverage Warehouse Management

Food and perishables management

In environments such as the food sector, where the vast majority of products handled are perishable, it is really important to have a good system for managing stock, as well as incoming and outgoing stock to speed up distribution and minimise losses from spoiled products. In addition, both traditional barcode and RFID technology can be used for traceability tracking.

Your stock and load movement controlled in real time. No operator intervention.


Voice Picking System, vo-CE

Tecnipesa RBK: Warehouse Management System

Tecnipesa RBK is an application that provides you with accurate and completely updated information on all the movements of your warehouse from anywhere.

Radio frequency terminals

Radio Frequency Handhelds

Depending on your activity, we will propose the one that best suits your needs and we will ensure full compatibility with your applications, as well as rapid integration into them.

Voice Picking in warehouses

Voice Picking

The freedom of movement solution is crucial in any warehouse and order management process, as it will save time and minimise errors due to distractions that may arise.

"Minimise human error as much as possible"



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