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Industrial panel PC and on-board industrial PC
"The most robust and durable solution for the most demanding jobs"

In industrial environments, where working conditions are always more extreme than in an office environment, it is vital to have robust IT equipment that can withstand shock, dust, extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, or dirt.

We are talking about Panel PCs or Industrial Computers capable of working in the harshest conditions. Computers equipped with large touch screens to make it easier for operators to work. The increase in productivity is remarkable as it allows a higher level of interaction between operators, machinery and the WMS, giving users the possibility to open technical drawings, videos, work manuals, fill in work reports, consult stock or prepare orders.

Panel PC, designed and manufactured to withstand the most extreme working conditions

Industrial panel PCs are protected against liquids and dust, extreme temperatures and vibrations or strong shocks

Their great flexibility makes it possible to use them in all kinds of sectors, such as industry, food, pharmaceutical or chemical laboratories, among others. All of them with extreme working conditions that require high resistance and performance at the same time.

With a variety of mounting options and scalability in functions and power, these industrial computers offer a longer life cycle than other computers. In addition, they have great flexibility to converge with other platforms, such as RFID systems or Warehouse Management Software.

These are low power consumption and compact industrial panel PCs, making them ideal for working environments where space is limited.

What are the advantages of an Industrial PC over a traditional PC?

There are situations where traditional desktops can do the job, but there are many jobs, environments, and situations where traditional desktops cannot work. Industrial Panel PCs are specially designed for these situations and particularly demanding working environments. These are some of the advantages of the industrial PC:

Robust design and rugged chassis


Designed for the most demanding environments, they feature an extremely robust chassis that protects them from shock, pressure, and other physical damage.

Ready for multiple applications in different sectors


They can be used in any working environment. In addition, its adaptable screens allow you to work in total clarity even outdoors.

Durability, longer life cycle, Software and Hardware upgrades


They are prepared to support software and hardware upgrades, so their lifecycle is much longer than a traditional computer.

Resistance to extreme temperatures


They are designed to operate in extreme temperature environments, whether hot or cold, such as refrigerated warehouses.

resistencia contra polvo, agua, humedad y otros residuos


They have different types of IP resistance and approval for trouble-free operation in environments with traces of dust, liquids and other debris.

High vibration resistance


They are designed to withstand vibrations, making it possible to install them in different types of machinery and vehicles without any operational losses.

Industrial Panel PC

Industrial Panel PCs, or panel-mounted computers, are specially designed to be installed almost anywhere in the facility, on walls, on machinery, with a mobile stand and much more. This ensures that the industrial PCs are perfectly integrated into the work area in which they are installed and are always within easy reach of the operators.

Prox Systems SP 7157 Industrial Panel PC

Prox Systems SP 7157 Industrial Panel PC

The SP7157 range of industrial computers are ideal for outdoor applications as they feature a 17" display (15" version, model SP7155, is available) capable of adapting to sunlight. They have an IP65 protection rating, which means they are fully protected against dust and can withstand jets of water.

Prox Systems SP7755 Industrial Panel PC

Prox Systems SP7755 Industrial Panel PC

The SP7755 is a mid-range industrial computer with a 15" capacitive touch screen and an Intel Celeron N3350 processor. Its IP66 protection rating makes it fully resistant to dust and water.

Prox Systems SG-S151 Industrial Panel PC

Prox Systems SG-S151 Industrial Panel PC

Model SG151 Industrial Panel PCs are extremely water resistant. With 15" touch screens, also available in 17" in model SG171. They also have a maximum protection level, IP69K, both for resistance to solid products such as dust, as well as resistance to water (both steam and high pressure).

Prox Systems SG-S216 Industrial Panel PC

Prox Systems SG-S216 Industrial Panel PC

The SG216 model from Prox Systems is a high-end industrial computer and extremely resistant to both dust and water, as it is IP69K-rated. They also feature a 21.5" screen.

Embedded Industrial PC

Embedded Industrial PCs are the most suitable solution for installing a device in any type of industrial vehicle, as they optimise logistical processes and improve operator productivity. Unlike tablets or other on-board systems, they are more resilient and adapt better to vibration and movement.

Datalogic SH15 / SH21 Industrial Panel Computer

Datalogic SH15 / SH21 Industrial Computer

The SH15 / SH21 is an industrial computer specially designed to be wall mounted or fixed in any industrial application. IP65/IP67 protection ensures that this equipment can be used in the harshest environments.

Honeywell Thor VM3A Vehicle Mounted Computer

Honeywell Thor VM3A Vehicle Mounted Computer

The Thor VM3A forklift-mounted industrial computer is ideal for the toughest industrial or logistical environments. The Thor VM3A features a 12.1-inch display and is IP66-rated.

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"With industrial Panel PCs you don't need to worry about protecting your equipment from dust, water or other external agents that can damage it"



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