Product Traceability

Product Traceability

Your goods located at all timesent

In any warehouse or logistics company it is important to control the traceability of goods. We need to know the history, location and route of a product or batch of products. Moreover, in order to have everything under control, this information must be reliable and in real time. This is the only way to manage your warehouse efficiently and to rectify any incidents in the shortest possible time.

In order to be able to control your goods at all times and in real time, it is necessary to identify your items properly, to have a data capture device, as well as customised software that allows you to collect and manage all the information.

Food Traceability

If there is one sector where traceability is important, it is the food sector. To know in real time where it is, what its route has been and its entire process. In short, it will allow us to keep track of them and avoid any food safety problems.

Tecnipesa offers you the solution your company needs to implement a food traceability system that allows you to perfectly know the itinerary of each foodstuff in real time, as well as all the information you need and collect the data in your own system. In this way, you will avoid mistakes that can seriously damage your business and facilitate decision-making.

In any manufacturing and logistics process, it is essential to have complete information at all times about an article and all the products that make up each package. In this way, if there is any incident once it has been distributed, we will be able to identify its location in time and detect at what point in the process the error has occurred, minimising the consequences.

Pharmaceutical Traceability

Knowing the traceability of an article or packaging is essential in the pharmaceutical sector. A sector as sensitive as yours must ensure quality care, which guarantees effective medicines or chemicals and thus provides greater safety for patients and providers.

We can achieve all this with specific equipment that allows you to comply with the main labelling regulations, as well as secure data capture for your environment. The solutions proposed by Tecnipesa to comply with Pharmaceutical Traceability include printers capable of complying with the standards in labelling chemical and pharmaceutical products, barcode readers that guarantee the correct identification of each medicine or chemical product, as well as portable handhelds that maintain processes and allow you to see the stock of your production or warehouse at all times.

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RFID traceability

By implementing RFID technology, you will turn your warehouse or logistics centre into a smart one. You will be able to know What, When, Where and Why of any product in the supply chain and in real time.

In this system, products are identified with TAGS, which store more information than traditional barcodes. The tags are read by RFID readers. These handhelds are able to read smart tags without the need for direct contact with the tag. You will also be able to take a real-time reading and ensure that the data is accurate and reliable.

On the other hand, the operator will gain freedom of movement as the data is sent by radio frequency. The data is collected automatically in the ERP, so you can get all the product information in real time whenever you want it.

This speeds up the work process and avoids the issues of misprints, typos, illegibility, etc.

Industrial Traceability

In the field of industry, it is common for a product to have a long journey until it reaches the end customer. It is therefore essential to be able to know the itinerary of each item, its current location and the different processes it has gone through. This is the only way to detect possible errors and solve them quickly.

At Tecnipesa we have smart solutions that will allow you to know all the information about a product in real time. It will know where in the supply chain the mistake has been made and quickly remedy it. You can save time and resources with industrial marking solutions that allow you to automatically identify the product on the production line itself without having to interrupt the production line even to change the ink.

In addition, industrial barcode readers allow you to read the information and collect it in customised software. This not only saves costs and maximises productivity, but also increases customer satisfaction.

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"In order to keep track of your goods at all times and in real time, it is necessary to identify your goods properly"



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