Industrial inkjet printers

Industrial inkjet printer
"Print quality on the production line itself"

If you work on a production line or in transport, you will know how important it is to have a barcode or print that is legible and, above all, not damaged by handling.

Inkjet marking equipment meets virtually all the needs of industry and logistics. They are ink jet printers, which print directly on any type of packaging or primary product (sacks, packs, boxes, films, etc.) porous or non-porous and on the production line itself. These machines can also print all types of barcodes, as well as images, fixed or variable texts, graphics, formulas, etc. All of this, without losing printing quality. And at a maximum speed of 180 metres per minute (depending on the equipment).

APLINK Series Equipment

With the APLINK Series you can work continuously, without having to stop your production line because of the need to load consumables.

Ink replacement is as simple as removing one bottle and adding another instantly.

In addition, another of the main characteristics is that it is equipment that can be adapted to any type of production. Printing in any and all directions is possible. The printhead adapts to any space, to any production requirement.

APLINK TJX inkjet printer


Specially designed printer series for inkjet coding and marking of primary products. Easy integration and positioning in any production line.


Designed for high resolution printing for secondary packaging. They print on quality porous surfaces. In addition, they allow double inkjet printing on tilting production lines.


Direct printing on boxes and porous surfaces, using two colours simultaneously.


Inkjet printing on boxes, trays and packaging films or non-porous surfaces. Equipped with a unique LED curing system design, with instant drying. Allows simultaneous use of up to 4 print heads connected to a touch screen controller.

"The end result is a reduction in costs and time and an increase in productivity, resulting in customer satisfaction"



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