Voice Picking Software

Voice Picking Software
"Manage all orders in your warehouse by voice alone with our Voice Picking System"

When preparing an order, the operator has to perform several tasks such as moving to the place where each product is located, identifying it, adding the correct number of units, printing the order label and more... Tasks that require the use of hands to operate different devices and record data essential for good product traceability and efficient warehouse management. All this leads to mistakes that can result in time and money losses.

With Tecnipesa's VOZ Picking Solution this is possible in an agile way. Only three elements are required. Tecnipesa Middleware that acts as an interface between the VOZ application and the central system, the VOZ application itself and the hardware that captures the information of each movement made by the operator.

The main feature of this solution is to use voice as a communication tool between the operator and his radio frequency handheld. This allows the operator to have his hands free to load the boxes or drive the forklift truck.

Our Picking Voice system is very easy to integrate into your WMS, as it easily adapts to any of your warehouse management systems. It is so simple that it is able to interpret a series of instructions coming into the hanheld to translate them into voice commands and, in turn, it is able to write on the handheld what the operator says.

Once installed on your handhelds, you can have both hands free for order picking. The user will now be able to communicate by voice with the handheld and the handheld will send the information to the system, which will translate it to update the data on the spot. This system will increase warehouse productivity by 50% and reduce human error.

The main advantages of this system are:

  • It is hardware platform independent: i.e. it works on different approved handhelds.
  • Increased productivity: dramatic error reduction of more than 60% and an increase in productivity of more than 50%.
  • Nuance Speech Engine: specially prepared for the noisiest environments. It requires no training and works with users of different languages or accents.
  • WMS integration: easy voice integration into your warehouse management system.

In this way, order preparation is much faster and more efficient, as the Tecnipesa VOZ becomes a multi-modal device that combines keyboard, barcode reader and voice.

Combine with other hands-free devices

There are jobs that require a handheld to scan products, so voice is not enough. But the operator still needs to have his hands free. Therefore, the solution is to combine the Voice Picking system with hands-free devices such as wristband wearables or ring readers.

Each operator will be able to hear messages and respond by voice; view information and write on the wrist wearable screen as well as capture barcodes and photos with the ring scanner and all hands-free to prepare orders. A combination of technological solutions that will increase the positive results of the company, increasing the productivity of each operator by more than 15%.

Also in noisy environments

The voice is one of the most effective and useful tools at our disposal. But it is true that warehouses tend to be particularly noisy, either because of the machines, the lorries or the influx of people.

An environment that we are very familiar with, and that is why VOZ software has been specially developed to work perfectly in these environments.

A solution that will bring you advantages right from the start

Voice Picking Software pays for itself in less than a year, thanks to its easy installation and configuration, no matter how complicated your order management system may be. In addition, its voice recognition engine is so efficient that it recognises any voice without prior training and even in noise. All in all, if we add its fast start-up, the improvement of more than 50% in the time it takes to prepare an order and the reduction of errors by 60%, we are before a solution with which you will notice the benefits from the first month.

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Integrating the voice application into your devices will increase productivity by more than 20% and minimise errors by 99%



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