Order Picking

Preparación de pedidos

Streamline order picking with a smart warehouse

In a warehouse, the movement of operators is continuous. They must move around the premises and even go outside or to other areas of the company. In addition, they handle a large amount of data and information that they have to collect with no margin of error. Without a proper system in place, order preparation can be time-consuming and costly, contributing to customer dissatisfaction and decreased productivity.


We propose different technologies according to your requirements:

Radio frequency data capture terminals

Radio frequency data capture handhelds

If you don't already have your warehouse under control with equipment that automates inventory management and order picking, we recommend you take a look at our range of handhelds. With this equipment, you will automate your warehouse management, increasing the productivity of your operators.

RFID technology

RFID technology

It will streamline your warehouse operations as much as possible. The products will have smart tags which will contain a wealth of information. And thanks to RFID handhelds, operators can scan the product or even an entire pallet or shelf remotely, without the need for direct contact with the tags. In addition, they will be able to access accurate information in real time, streamlining processes and maximising productivity.

Voice Picking System

Voice Picking System

If you need to have your hands free to manage order picking, the best solution is Voice Picking. Thanks to this technology you will be able to manage the warehouse using voice as the main tool and leaving your hands free to work with agility and greater comfort.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

If your warehouse is not 100% automated, it is because you are still missing software that allows you to manage and keep inventory up to date instantly, improve locations and have accurate control of goods in and out of your warehouse. We offer you this new web application without a significant additional investment.

"Turn your warehouse into a smart environment and you will increase customer satisfaction."



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