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"Get true, accurate data in real time, while giving your operators the freedom of movement they need to be more effective and increase their productivity"

Radio frequency handhelds are intelligent devices that capture data in real time. They are able to send and receive information via Wi-Fi radio waves within their warehouse. But they also allow sending and receiving information via 3G or 4G connectivity for mobile operators, who are not inside their premises.

In a warehouse, having reliable and accurate data quickly are the two features that will contribute to the good management of your warehouse. And the way to achieve this is by converting your working environment into an automated warehouse, allowing you to control stock and know the traceability of products with no margin of error and saving time and resources.

Radio-frequency data capture handhelds in particular are essential for an intelligent warehouse. In addition to speeding up the preparation of orders, you can have a much more efficient stock control.

In addition to these points, there are the following advantages:

  • Real-time reading: you will be able to know where the item is at any given moment, under what circumstances, etc.
  • Accurate data: the data captured is accurate and reliable, which improves the work process and efficiency in the warehouses.
  • Freedom of movement: the operator does not need to carry paper, as the data is sent by radio frequency. This speeds up the work process and avoids the issues of misprints, typos, illegibility, etc.

Uses and applications of radio frequency handhelds

Radio frequency is a wireless communication technology, capable of exchanging information in real time with a WMS or any other software in your company without the need for any cables. This makes logistics RF technology ideal for capturing and transmitting data within a warehouse, with complete freedom of movement so that operators can work in a comfortable and agile manner.

Thanks to the different types of radio frequency handhelds that can be carried, operators receive the various work orders to be completed. The radio frequency handheld is connected to the WMS and is used as a means of receiving these work indications and sending data and other information that allows traceability control of all the operations that are carried out throughout the logistics chain. In this way, the operator validates each operation he performs via the handheld's keypad or using voice prompts and then receives the next prompt. This way of working speeds up operations by preventing operators from wondering what the next activity to perform is, so it is a very high-performance system with almost no errors. In addition, by receiving and transmitting all the information on the operations carried out by the different operators and sending it to your Warehouse Management System, which centralises this information, it is a convenient and simple way of keeping control of the stock updated in real time.

Thus, radio frequency handhelds are very useful for carrying out activities such as logistics management of the operations to be carried out, dispatch control (inputs and outputs of the warehouse), traceability of operations and products through the logistics chain, stock control of products and raw materials or order preparation, also known as picking. In addition, order preparation can be done via voice communication. This way of preparing orders, known as voice picking, further increases productivity by enabling operators to work hands-free at all times, faster and safer, receiving and validating all operations by voice.

Formats and types of RF handhelds

With regard to the different formats in which radio frequency handhelds can be presented, two main groups can be distinguished. One group is radio frequency handhelds and the other group is radio frequency hands-free handhelds. In the group of handhelds, the most common formats to be found are PDA-shaped handhelds (with or without keyboard), handhelds and industrial tablets. On the other hand, among hands-free radio frequency devices, the most widely used formats are wearable handhelds that can be worn on the wrist or attached to a belt, and forklift handhelds.

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Types of radio frequency handhelds Main features
Radio Frequency Handhelds Particularly robust radio frequency handhelds, allowing your operators to work with complete freedom of movement.
Industrial Tablets Industrial computers or tablets that are particularly robust and adapted to work in industrial environments, where the environment, knocks and friction are the main causes of wear and tear.
Radio frequency forklift trucks Handhelds specially adapted for installation on forklift trucks, forklifts or other industrial vehicles.
Radio frequency PDA Radio frequency PDAs are handhelds specially designed to cope with harsh environments, such as dust, extreme cold or humidity.
Honeywell Radio Frequency Android handhelds Radio frequency handhelds using Honeywell's Mobility Edge operating system, based on Android technology.
Mobility handhelds Smartphone-like handhelds, especially suitable for tasks requiring freedom of movement, inside or outside the premises.
Wristband or hands-free handhelds Hands-free handhelds, usually in wristband format, designed to allow operators to carry out their activity with their hands completely free.

Warehouse handhelds

These data capture handhelds will allow your operators to work with complete freedom of movement, without losing efficiency in data capture. With them, you will be able to have exhaustive control of your inventory in real time and increase your productivity.

Honeywell EDA61K

Honeywell ScanPal EDA61K Handheld

The EDA61K is fully compatible with 4G LTE technology. In addition, it incorporates a powerful Qualcomm processor with the ability to upgrade to Android 10. With a long battery life and easy to replace even in full operation. Thanks to the N6703 and EX20 reading optics, the EDA61K can read from a few centimetres up to 15 metres away. 

Honeywell CK65

Honeywell CK65

The replacement for the successful CK3, it offers the longest life cycle in the industry. It is compatible with all four Android generations starting with Android 8 (N). It is a very resistant terminal, withstanding falls of 3m on concrete.

"Streamline your inventory management with the EDA61K data capture handheld and save time and resources."



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Datalogic Skorpio X4 NEW

Datalogic Skorpio X4 NEW

This handheld has a range of services for versatile use such as goods receipt in the warehouse, inventory processing and sales support. It is also equipped with one of the largest colour displays in its class.

Datalogic Falcon X4

Datalogic Falcon X4

Robust and ergonomic, it has an integrated camera for checking promotional displays and returned or damaged goods.

Datalogic Memor 10 NEW terminal

Datalogic Memor 10 NEW

The Memor 10 NEW PDA offers excellent performance and value for money. With a very compact design, it also incorporates Datalogic's first wireless charging system. For ultra-reliable contactless charging.

Zebra MC3300 terminal

Zebra MC3300

Android 7.0 mobile handheld that gives you more: more models, more scanning options, more rugged design and more advanced accessories. Compatible with your TE applications, easy Windows to Android migration. 

Zebra MC9300

Zebra MC9300

Ultra-rugged Android 8.1 handheld with IP67 certification. Powerful 8-core processor. Fully compatible for TE applications, it simplifies the switch from Windows to Android. 

Mobility radio frequency handheld

Being able to capture and transmit data anytime, anywhere increases operator convenience and productivity.

Mobility or portable RF handhelds combine rugged construction with high connectivity to wireless networks and feature modern, smartphone-like designs. These features make them ideal for applications or situations where data checking has to be done from anywhere and in real time. They are therefore very agile and easy to operate, equipped with all the necessary features to increase productivity at work, while maintaining the security of your data at all times.

Thanks to the characteristics of these radio frequency mobility handhelds, they can be connected to your database, ERP or warehouse management system, making it possible to instantly update the information they hold. Mobility RF handhelds are therefore ideal for use in retail and distribution or in work environments outside offices or warehouses, such as in the transport and logistics sector or in the healthcare sector. Work environments where comfort, mobility, connectivity and durability are essential.

Honeywell CT45 Mobility Terminal

Honeywell CT45 Mobility Handheld

Honeywell's CT45 is a radiofrequency handheld specially designed for operators who require great mobility, thanks to its Wi-Fi 6 connection and 4G LTE connectivity, as well as being a compact and lightweight device. This handset features a rugged casing, full touch screen and sleek ergonomic design. Thanks to these features, the CT45 is a highly connective handheld ideal for all types of logistics work, from distribution centres to parcel delivery and retail outlets.

Terminal de radiofrecuencia de movilidad Zebra TC5x Series

Zebra TC5X Series RF handhelds

The Zebra TC5X Series mobility handhelds are specially designed to provide the best performance in outdoor work and particularly noisy environments. Zebra TC5X Series radio frequency handhelds capture all types of codes, labels or documents outdoors, even in direct sunlight. In addition, it has 3 noise-reducing microphones and is compatible with wireless headsets. This makes them ideal for working in noisy, noisy or environmentally demanding environments such as a construction site, industry or trade and distribution centres.

Hands-free radio frequency handheld: Wrist or wearable handheld

Working hands-free in a warehouse is one of the major advantages of these wrist handhelds

Hands-free radio frequency handhelds, also known as wearables, can be worn as a bracelet or attached to a belt. In this way, operators can have their hands free at all times, allowing them to handle products freely while scanning data or performing other operations. This enables them to work more quickly and safely.

Thanks to the streamlining of operations made possible by wristband radio frequency handhelds, productivity in logistics management can be increased by up to 15%. In addition, these handhelds are specially designed to be combined with other hands-free working systems such as voice picking or data capture via scanners or ring readers.

Honeywell CT45 Wristband Terminal

Honeywell CT45 Wristband Handheld

The CT40 and CT45 handsets allow the incorporation of a hands-free option with the wristband accessory and ring reader. The rubber watch strap-type armband adapts perfectly to the movements of the operators. Reading is possible with different hands, both left and right.

Zebra WT6300 Wristband Terminal

Zebra WT6300 Wristband Handheld

Radio frequency wearable handheld designed with a comfortable adjustable system and a powerful processor with performance similar to that of a desktop device. This hands-free handset, which can withstand a 1.2m drop, is ideal for agility and safety when picking.

"And if you want to further increase productivity and efficiency in your warehouse you need a voice picking solution"



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