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Beyond automation in your warehouse

Haven’t you already taken the leap towards automation in your warehouse with RFID technology? Are you still thinking whether it will really be profitable? With the new solution Tecnipesa RFID Connect you will no longer have to care about a thing. Just tell us where your warehouse is hurting. Yes, you heard it right; where it hurts in terms of movement and data registration.

So you review which daily tasks are the ones that will make you lose the most money: lack of raw materials stopping production, stock excess that is eventually lost, goods received incorrectly which are still registered on the system, returns pending registration, .... And endless tasks that may affect data compilation and therefore result in wrong decision making.

Did you feel identified with any of these issues? If you want to know how to solve them, we tell you about the functionalities of our new solution.

What does Tecnipesa RFID Connect offer?

Validation of RFID Connect read


The read meets expectations

It is checked that the articles registered on the system are correct, both in quantity and type of article. The system launches a notification, visual, acoustic and/or digital, that prevents that incorrect article been registered on our system.

RFID Connect In and out

In and out

Movement of goods completely automatised

This module can be added to the “Stock management” module and offers the possibility of reporting the direction the goods are going. If the product is entering our warehouse or if, otherwise, it is leaving the warehouse.

RFID Connect Stock Management

Stock Control

No operator, completely automatised
With operator, who reads in waves on a shelf

It instantly reports what the RFID Portal, Reader or Tablet is reading. It serves to identify articles.

RFID Connect lost article search


Lost article search, acoustic signal

Depending on the size of our warehouse and how it is organised, many times we may not find the article we need. Resulting in us wasting time. With this module, the operator may search the article needed on radar mode. Find the articles we have identified with RFID tags in our warehouse. The signal is acoustic and the closer the article is the more it sounds.

What are the benefits of Tecnipesa RFID Connect?

RFID Connect, an all-in-one solution

All in one

Turnkey solution

Based on the needs of your warehouse, you will have a comprehensive solution in a sole package to automatise your warehouse with RFID Technology.

RFID Connect Flexibility


Fully customisable

It fits the needs of a warehouse like a glove. Just for you.

RFID Connect a cloud RFID solution

In the cloud

All your data are protected

Your data will be fully protected.

RFID Connect integration

Quick integration

Avoiding wasting time and productivity

It is perfectly prepared to connect to any equipment, to any system.

Conexión RFID Connect

Total connection to the central system

Quick exchange of data in real time

100% connected to your central system. Or not. Since it is flexible, if you need so, we can connect it to your central system, whatever it is, but if you need an additional module, you will have it.

RFID Connect professionals

Specialised professionals

They will be with you throughout the whole process

Our team will advise you on what your company really needs to present you with a customised offer that solves your needs.

What does Tecnipesa RFID Connect include?

Meet our new RFID gate Tecnipesa Brave . Register instantly with Tecnipesa Connect every merchandise that passes through Brave® gate


The interface your company needs so you can connect all your data to your central system.

Software Connect

We develop a comprehensive app that covers all your data connection needs or create the separate module you need.


As a bonus, we offer you a customised configuration, installation and maintenance services. So you don’t miss a thing.

We are with you throughout the whole automation process to Logistics RFID. So you never stop connecting data.

Moreover, until the end of the year, we offer you one consultancy hour for free where we will advise you on what your company really needs. Shall we talk?

Why RFID Technology with Tecnipesa

Because we've been helping companies like yours streamline every logistics process and increase productivity for over 60 years. We operate in two countries across a total of 6 cities, with over 8,000 satisfied customers who already have an automated warehouse. If you want to join them, get in touch with us, and we'll help you achieve it.

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