RFID Printers

RFID printers
"Identify your products or packaging smartly with RFID technology, multiplying your productivity and increasing the security of your warehouse"

If your company moves a large number of SKUs in your warehouse or production facility, you may have asked yourself on more than one occasion to implement RFID technology. But how can you do so?

The best way is to start tagging all your items and/or packaging with smart tags and for this purpose we offer you different RFID printers.

What is the difference between RFID printers and barcode printers?

The main difference is that smart or RFID printers, in addition to printing the necessary information, are able to record as much data as we need in the chip embedded in each RFID tag. Therefore, an RFID printer will allow you to integrate more information per TAG.

RFID-printed tags are also more secure, as each RFID tag has a distinct code and it is not possible for multiple users to have a duplicate tag.

This makes them ideal for maximum security and high-tech situations as well.

Another differentiating feature is that some smart tags can be read and written to multiple times, so RFID printers can be used as many times as needed.

In addition, the lifetime of the RFID tag is much longer, because if a barcode is scratched, the lines may be damaged and therefore cannot be read. By contrast, with RFID tag printing, no matter how many times your product or packaging collides or rubs against another surface, the information is engraved in the tag's chip, so it will be difficult for this information to be lost or unreadable.


With these terminals, you can give vehicle operators mobile and wireless access to the desktop applications they need to perform their tasks faster and more accurately.

These radio frequency terminals are ideal for demanding environments such as warehouses, airports, ports, cargo areas, etc.

Honeywell PM45 Industrial Label Printer

Honeywell PM45 Industrial Printer

It is perfect if you have to print high quality labels in demanding industrial environments. It is very durable and its print speed reaches up to 14 in/s. In addition, it allows you to incorporate RFID interfaces if necessary.

Zebra ZT421 RFID  Industrial Label Printer

Zebra ZT421 RFID Label Printer

Zebra's ZT421 printer prints RFID tags and is specially designed for transport. It integrates a 4.3" touch screen that allows the operator to quickly view the printer status and make changes to settings. Its printing width is 6" and it can print up to 12" per second.

EX4T1 Industrial RFID printers

EX4T1 Industrial RFID printers

It is the only one on the market that lifts the ribbon when it detects that the tag passes underneath.

Zebra ZT600 Series RFID Printer

Zebra ZT600 Series RFID Printer

These Zebra RFID printers withstand extreme industrial conditions and are designed to print large volumes of labels without interruption.

Zebra ZQ520 Portable RFID Printer

Zebra ZQ520 Portable RFID Printer

In addition to being lightweight and compact, it is shock resistant and performs perfectly in extreme environments. This Zebra RFID printer is ideal for RFID tagging in the warehouse, retail and healthcare sectors.

Zebra ZD500R RFID Printer

Zebra ZD500R RFID Printer

This Zebra RFID printer has a compact design and is perfect for printing RFID tags in tight spaces.  

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"Print and record the data you need on your TAGs reliably and securely"



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