Product Labelling Solution

Honeywell PD45 printer and Seagull BarTender label editing software

You have a good product; do you want a better labelling?

We know your product is good, but what about your labelling? Is it so good too? If you have been thinking for some time about automating this process without relying on others, we can provide you with a labelling solution specially adapted for the industry.

An industrial labelling system consisting of a high-performance industrial label printer, the best label design and printing software, customised consumables and an approved maintenance service with more than 60 years of experience.

A tailor-made industrial labelling system for you

Our product labelling solution for industrial environments offers great flexibility to adapt to the different environments that can be found in the industrial sector, whether due to dust, low temperatures, humidity or other environmental conditions that occur in industrial workplaces. We have an approved technical team with extensive experience working with the main brands on the market to provide maintenance services to companies in the industrial sector. This extensive experience working with the industrial sector for more than 60 years has allowed us to understand the particular characteristics of this sector and the needs of the companies that make it up in order to offer a customised solution, with a broad approach capable of providing a response adapted to all sectors of industry.

In addition to the technical specifications of our industrial labelling solution, we take your results into account. We focus on helping you achieve reliable returns, quickly, with a return on your investment within a few months of implementing the solution.

But beyond that, any investment in facilities and equipment has to be long-lasting. For this reason, we only work with the best manufacturers in the market such as Honeywell and Seagull BarTender to ensure high print quality and growth potential for the future. In addition, we have a technical team with more than 60 years of experience in the industrial labelling and identification sector, so the implementation of our industrial labelling solution has minimal downtime and delivers high efficiency from day one.

Honeywell PD45 industrial label printer

The PD45 label printer is Honeywell's new printer, specially adapted to meet all the needs of the industrial sector. The PD45 is a printer that can print by direct thermal printing and thermal transfer.

It also has advanced features such as smart printing, so the operator can configure and fine-tune settings without the need for a central computer by running applications on the printer.

No doubt about it, the PD45 industrial label printer offers high printing accuracy combined with easy maintenance.

Seagull BarTender software for product labelling

Companies around the world rely on BarTender® software to improve the design, quality, safety, efficiency and compliance of their labels. Thus, you can optimise your product printing and labelling processes. In addition to making it easier and faster, you can easily and efficiently design labels, barcodes, cards, RFID tags... And print them on any labelling or marking printer. You can print your labels with a single click from any browser or device and you also can monitor the printing system to know the consumable levels and detect printing errors from the software itself.

Customised consumables

The choice of material and consumable, both label and Ribbon, is essential to obtain the best print, ensure durability and optimal labelling of products and packaging. We have all types of consumables for labelling and product identification, so we can offer the best consumables adapted to the needs of your industrial company.

You can print labels with Ribbon, direct (heat) transfer or inkjet (black and white or colour).

Choosing the right Ribbon and labels will increase your printing efficiency and ensure the smooth operation of your printer, improving its productivity and extending its life..

Technical Service and Maintenance

We want to accompany you throughout the life of your industrial labelling equipment to make your life easier. We have been in the market for 60 years offering tailor-made after-sales maintenance services with a technical service of long and proven experience.

Our technical team works with the necessary agility to react quickly to any incident you may have, ensuring that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

In addition, you will receive the equipment set up with the same configuration in which it was delivered, so that you can switch on the equipment and continue working as if nothing had happened.

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