Pharmaceutical Traceability

Trazabilidad farmacéutica

Automate your warehouse management and control the traceability of medicines

Knowing the traceability of an article or packaging is essential in the pharmaceutical sector. A sector as sensitive as yours must ensure quality care, guaranteeing effective medicines or chemical products and, therefore, providing greater safety for patients and suppliers.

We can achieve all this with specific equipment that allows you to comply with the main labelling regulations (QR, Datamatrix, BiDi, ...), as well as secure data capture for your environment.

The solutions proposed by Tecnipesa to comply with Pharmaceutical Traceability include printers capable of complying with the labelling standards for chemical and pharmaceutical products, barcode readers that guarantee the correct identification of each medicine or chemical product, as well as portable terminals that maintain processes and allow you to see the stock of your production or warehouse at all times.

In addition, each product must meet specific standards in the pharmaceutical sector. The housings, for example, are specially designed to withstand disinfectants and are treated with antimicrobial additives. Both readers and data capture terminals designed for the pharmaceutical or healthcare sector withstand daily cleaning with strong disinfectant solutions and help prevent the spread of infection.

RFID technology tailored to your industry

But if you have a large pharmaceutical warehouse with thousands of SKUs, you may need to implement RFID technology tailored to your industry with specific products for something as sensitive as medicines or chemicals.

In that case, the latest radio frequency or RFID technology will allow you to create smart labels that contain accurate, real-time information. In addition, you will be able to collect more information than a normal barcode, which will allow you to control the traceability of the product 100%.

RFID technology is characterised by the fact that it works by means of radio frequency waves, so the reader does not have to have a direct connection with the label and can read an entire shelf with a single click.


Moreover, with this system, you will eliminate the possibility of error in data collection, ensuring that the data is truthful and in real time.

And to have the traceability of each medicine under control, thanks to the software you will be able to directly connect the terminal with your ERP and collect the updated data at all times.

Increase your reliability and efficiency as a drug distributor by automating your warehouse with RFID technology. Contact us and we will help you to control the industrial traceability of each product.

Pharmaceutical traceability

"A sector as sensitive as yours must ensure quality care, guaranteeing effective medicines or chemicals."



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