Ribbon and customised labels

Ribbon and Customised Stickers
"Using the right ribbon will give your labels more durability, save on costs and increase productivity thanks to its features."

When printing new labels, there are five key aspects to consider:

  • The type of printer you are going to use: You should consider whether the printing will be done by thermal transfer (with thermal ribbon or Ribbon), by direct (heat) transfer or by inkjet, either in black and white or full colour.
  • The surface to be labelled: The surface on which the label is placed may be curved, rough or have traces of external agents, etc.
  • The working environment: Take into account the environmental conditions under which the product or good must be labelled. Whether it will be stored indoors or outdoors (with or without sun), whether it will be in a humid or refrigerated environment, etc.
  • The type of resistance needed: Analyse whether the label must withstand chemicals, oil, washing, etc.
  • Duration: Consider whether it is an ephemeral (transport) label or whether it is intended to last over time.

Once you have defined your labelling requirements, you can choose the label printer, consumables and labels that best suit your needs: Consider both the label material to be printed on and the most suitable adhesive for the label to stick to the chosen surface.

This allows you to print labels with Ribbon, direct (heat) transfer or inkjet (black and white or colour). The choice of material and consumable, both for the label and the Ribbon, is essential to ensure correct printing, guaranteeing durability and optimum labelling of the product or packaging. Choosing the right Ribbon and labels will increase your printing efficiency and ensure the smooth operation of your printer, improving its productivity and extending its life.

Taking all these factors into account when choosing the ideal Ribbon for your needs can be a headache. For this reason, we put at your disposal our specialised technical team, capable of advising you in making the right decision when choosing the thermal ribbons (Ribbon) and labels you need. We will study each of your needs in detail and advise you on the best solution.

Ribbon: What is thermal ribbon or decal and what is it used for?

A Ribbon for every need. Consider the characteristics that your labelling must meet in order to choose the Ribbon that best suits your needs.

The printer Ribbon, also known as thermal transfer ribbon, is a synthetic ribbon that, by means of the heat applied by the printhead, adheres the intended information to print to the surface of the label. By means of the Ribbon thermal ribbon, it is possible to print on all types of labels as long as they are not made of heat-reactive material. Ribbon rolls are available in different widths and lengths, as well as in a variety of colours to suit different needs. These thermal ribbons can be made of different materials depending on the needs to be covered. Thus, thermal transfer ribbons such as wax ribbon, resin ribbon or a mixture of these two materials, known as mixed ribbon, are available on the market. Thus, there is a Ribbon to meet every need.

Wax thermal Ribbon for single protection

Wax thermal Ribbon is best suited for labelling that does not require high durability or high temperature resistance. Wax Ribbon is generally used on matt or glossy paper labels (coated paper). Wax Ribbon is ideal for printing on paper labels that will not be exposed to extreme weather conditions or continuous rubbing that could cause damage. Thus, the wax Ribbon is the most basic and economical thermal transfer printer ribbon.

Mixed Thermal Ribbon for medium protection

Mixed Ribbon, consisting of a mixture of wax and resin, offers prints with greater strength and durability than wax. It is mainly used on synthetic materials, but also on papers (matt or glossy) that require a longer label life. It is ideal for activities such as warehouse labelling or product traceability. Thus, it could be said that this is the mid-range of the market and withstands friction and humidity well.

Resin Ribbon for total protection

Resin thermal ribbon or Ribbon offers high strength and durability with virtually indelible print quality on plastic surfaces or high gloss paper. Thanks to its durability, resin Ribbon is able to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, water and even contact with chemicals. Thus, it is very useful for labelling in industries with extreme temperatures, electronic components, chemicals or for labelling or tamper-evident seals.

Characteristics of the different types of Ribbon or thermal transfer ribbon

No matter what the sector or the characteristics of your business.
There is a Ribbon to suit your needs.

Ribbon characteristics Wax Ribbon Mixed Ribbon Resin Ribbon
Print quality and intensity High High High
Print speed High High Medium
Durabilidad Low Medium High
Versatility of use Medium High Media
Resistance to scuffing and smearing Low Medium High
Low temperature resistance Medium High High
High temperature resistance Low Medium High
Alcohol, petrol and grease resistance None Low High
Washing and ironing resistance None None High

How to choose the right Ribbon for your needs

Do your barcodes read well?

If the legibility of your labels is not adequate, consider the contrast between the colour of the label and the colour of the Ribbon you are using. The lower the contrast, the worse the readability of the codes. In addition, you should take into account the Ribbon material you use, because it is not feasible to print a synthetic label with a basic wax Ribbon, as it will be blurred or cracked. Finally, please keep in mind the Ribbon dimensions. Delimiting its width, so that it is always larger than the label width, will allow you to print the full width of the label without damaging the printhead with ink residues.

Do you want to improve your labelling productivity with Ribbon?

Our team is familiar with all makes and models of printers on the market. In this way, we can offer you the best advice on the maximum number of labels or rolls of ribbon that your printer allows, or even inform you whether it is better to have labels on rolls or zigzag-folded labels to optimise your work. It has been proven that these small details have a big impact on maintenance, saving up to 40% of the time spent changing consumables, reducing the number and time of line stoppages due to labelling work.

Custom labels

Your labelling needs, as well as the characteristics of your company, are different from those of others. That's why we produce the labels, both adhesive and non-adhesive, customised to your requirements.

Zebra, Honeywell, Sato, Epson, ... Labels

Zebra, Honeywell, Sato, Epson, ... Labels

We provide you with labels that are fully compatible with all label printers on the market. We supply leading manufacturers to provide you with the optimum consumables for each printer at the best price.

RFID tags

For smart tagging applications, we offer a wide range of RFID tags to suit every application: Common use, industrial applications, metal identification or even chemical resistant.

Pre-printed labels

Pre-printed labels

Customise your label in detail, printing in full colour the images, texts or logos you need for your labelling. Pre-printed custom labels can be produced in various sizes, materials and adhesives to suit your needs.

Security labels

Security labels

Thanks to these security seals or labels, you can prevent your products from being counterfeited, modified or repaired by unauthorised technicians. We have different types of security labels depending on the application they are used for.

"We also offer you the possibility to test the materials best suited to your application"



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If you have any doubts about the most suitable material and adhesive for your work environment or if you want to have your own personalised label, please contact us and we will help you.

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