RFID Gates

RFID Gates
Thanks to RFID gates we can identify large quantities of goods as they pass through a metal gate or between two towers with several RFID readers and integrated RFID antennas"

What are RFID Gates?

RFID gates consist of a series of antennas and, in some cases, readers installed on an arch or passage towers, so that they record all movements of products, raw materials or goods tagged with RFID tags transiting through the RFID Gate.

Typically, these are objects on pallets or trolleys transiting through a gate or access point equipped with an RFID Antenna. It is undoubtedly a necessary tool for an intelligent warehouse.

Main applications of RFID Gates

The main areas where RFID gates are installed are at loading bays and at transit areas between internal locations in a warehouse, i.e., locations where large quantities of products, raw materials or goods are transported by forklift or pallet truck.

Unlike readers, this type of data capture equipment is fixed in place, so it is able to detect the movement of operators, so it can record incoming and outgoing goods simply by passing through it. In this way, there is also no possibility for operators to leave without identifying the goods they are transporting.

If you would like to know more about how RFID technology works and what it can bring to your project, do not hesitate to consult our RFID solutions and its different applications.

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"RFID scanning arches or RFID gates are able to identify goods and their direction as they pass through the gate, regardless of whether they are stored in boxes or on pallets"



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