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Inkless Printing

Thermal printers, whether using direct thermal or thermal transfer technology, use heat to print labels. This is why they are also known as inkless printers. Thanks to this inkless printing technology, they are referred to as next-generation printers and are characterised by their high durability and ease of maintenance compared to ink-based printers.

Unlike inkjet printheads, which smudge and eventually deteriorate, thermal label printers use a different type of printhead. These printheads do not require ink, as they use heat to transfer the image to the labels. Therefore, thermal printers do not smudge or degrade as much. Thanks to this technology, the life of the printers is extended and at the same time, maintenance is much easier and more economical over time.

When choosing one printing technology over the other, you should bear in mind that both types of printers, direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers, will print on self-adhesive paper and continuous tape paper. They are therefore very versatile tools, with which you can create your labels, barcodes, tickets and receipts quickly, easily, cleanly and with the highest quality on the spot.

Direct Thermal Printer

Print your labels in a versatile, economical, silent and low-maintenance way

Direct thermal printers use a special paper. This paper has chemicals that cause it to change colour when heat is applied to it with the thermal head of the printer. In this way, they print black and white labels very quickly and with the highest print quality. As they do not require thermal ribbon, they are more economical than thermal transfer printers, but at the same time, they also have a disadvantage. The paper on which they are printed may darken if the labels are exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight.

So, when you consider that they are economical, small, noiseless and easy to maintain,direct thermal printers are ideal for any office, warehouse or work environment that does not involve excessive heat or exposure to the elements. They are mainly used for printing labels that will not last over time. For example, for package identification in transport or labelling of patient wristbands in healthcare environments.

For the same reasons, thermal receipt printers use this type of direct thermal printing technology to create receipts economically, quickly, easily and with little maintenance.

Thermal Transfer Printer

Print the toughest labels on-site with the highest quality

Printers using thermal transfer technology, unlike direct thermal printers, do not rely on a chemical reaction on the paper, but use a ribbon with a resin or wax material that transfers "ink" to the label through the application of heat from the printhead. These thermal transfer ribbons are also known as ribbon ribbons and can be used for paper labels as well as for labels made of plastic or other synthetic materials.

Thanks to thermal transfer technology, the labels are of the highest quality, stronger and more durable than with direct thermal printing. You can create labels that are resistant to deterioration due to rubbing, moisture, heat or other weather or handling conditions.

The ribbon used in thermal transfer printers can be made of a waxy material or resins. Thus, depending on the material of which this consumable is made and the material of the labels or elements on which it is printed, labels will be obtained for different uses that require more or less resistance to degradation.


Toshiba EX4T Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printer

Honeywell PD45S

Rugged label printer with direct thermal and thermal transfer printing modes. Accurate printing and easy maintenance of the device. Compatible with different commands: FP/DP/IPL/ZPL/DPL.

Zebra ZT510 direct thermal and thermal transfer printer

Zebra ZT510

Excellent reliability and consistent print quality, minimising downtime because it can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without failure. In addition, each user can change the print quality from 203 to 300 dpi on their own.

Sato WS4 direct thermal and thermal transfer printer

Sato WS4

The WS4 label printer is ideal for medium-volume applications where reliability and adaptability are key.

Toshiba EX4T Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printer

Toshiba B-EX4T

It features a slanted printhead for faster print speed and also has a ribbon optimiser or ink saver. Its printhead lifts up to the exact moment of printing, reducing ink waste on every label it prints, providing considerable savings on ribbon.

Brother TD4420TN Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printer

Brother TD4420TN

With this printer it is possible to choose between thermal transfer or direct thermal printing, changing only the consumable to be used. Supports labels up to 112mm wide, and a print speed of up to 152.4mm/second (6ips).

Consumables: Thermal tape and adhesive labels

We stock all types of consumables for thermal label printers

The right choice of adhesive labels and/or thermal ribbon or Ribbon is essential to obtain a high-quality print, which allows high printing efficiency to be achieved and takes maximum care of the elements and mechanisms that make up the printer, extending its life expectancy.

At Tecnipesa we are aware of these needs, which is why we have a wide range of consumables for your thermal label printers. Whether you're looking for adhesive, customised or pre-printed labels for your direct thermal printer; or you're looking for Ribbon, Ribbon Wax or Ribbon Resin for your thermal transfer printer, we have the consumables you need. And if you have any questions, we have an extensive technical team on hand to help you choose the right consumables for your thermal printer.

consumables for thermal printers

Find out about our consumables for all types of thermal printers.

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