Barcode Printers

Barcode Printers

Speed and high quality

Barcode printers quickly print labels, receipts and tickets in high quality for labelling boxes, wristbands, pallets or other packages and items for identification. They also require less maintenance than other printers, which reduces their cost.

When purchasing a barcode printer, it should be noted that these label printers operate with two different types of printing technologies: Direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing. These printing technologies do not use ink, so their printhead degrades less, and they are easier and cheaper to maintain.

But what is a barcode label printer and how does it work?

How to choose the right barcode printer for you

Barcode printers using direct thermal printing technology use a special paper whose chemicals change colour when heat is applied to them with the printhead. This provides the black colour required to print the information on the label. In contrast, printers using thermal transfer technology do not rely on a chemical reaction on the paper, but use a ribbon with a resin or wax material that transfers ink to the label through the application of heat from the printhead. These thermal transfer ribbons are also known as Ribbon.

Thus, direct thermal barcode printers are cheaper and easier to maintain, but their labels can be damaged and become unreadable if they are exposed to heat, prolonged sunlight or some chemical vapours. Thermal transfer barcode printers, on the other hand, require more maintenance. They are therefore more expensive, but print stronger and more durable labels.

Factors to take into account

Working environment icon for barcode printer

In which environment is the printer to be used?

The working environment directly affects the printer's performance, as well as its installation, maintenance and even the strength and durability of the labels it can print. 

As an example, direct transfer printers are not the most suitable for working in bright sunlight or in particularly hot environments. On the other hand, if the printer is installed in a dusty or high humidity environment, you should consider placing the printer in a waterproof enclosure.

Barcode printer print frequency and print volume icon

How often will it be printed?

Another issue to consider when choosing the most appropriate barcode printer is the frequency with which you will need to print adhesive labels.

If you are looking at a shop, where space is limited and you do not print a large number of labels per day, a desktop printer will be the most suitable option. On the other hand, in a logistics warehouse, where a large number of operations have to be carried out and therefore a high frequency of printing is required, industrial label printers are indispensable.

Portable printer icon providing freedom of movement to operators

Do you need freedom of movement?

As well as the working environment and the required print frequency, the need for freedom of movement can be a decisive factor in the choice of one type of printer over another.

Therefore, if the work of the operators requires total freedom of movement, such as in the case of a logistics transport company, where the delivery driver has to move to different locations outside the premises, or a salesperson who has to make work visits, we will have to opt for a portable printer thanks to its ability to print labels without cables or other physical connections.

Desktop Barcode Printers

If you work in an office or retail environment, desktop barcode printers are the ideal solution for you. Its small size will allow you to place it anywhere, as this type of printer measures approximately 22cm x 19cm x 18cm and weighs around 1.5kg. They also feature direct thermal printing, making them very fast, more economical and easier to maintain than ribbon or thermal 

 transfer printers. On the other hand, this makes their receipts and labels not as strong and durable, making them not ideal for demanding work environments with friction, exposure to the elements or extreme temperatures.

Related products

Honeywell PC Series (43c - 23d - 43t) Barcode Printer

Honeywell PC Series (43c - 23d - 43t)

Easy to install and configure desktop printers. Ideal for space-constrained environments. With just one hand, we can easily load consumables. Emulation of protocols with printers of other brands.

Zebra ZD421 Barcode Printer

Zebra ZD421

The ZD421 is the only thermal printer to offer a ribbon cartridge that loads in just seconds. It can also be transported on the trolley or in the carrying case.

Sato CT4-LX Barcode Printer

Sato CT4-LX

The Sato CT4-LX is a barcode printer with a compact size and high performance. It is ideal for price labelling, inventory management and shipping labels.

Toshiba FV4D Barcode Printer

Toshiba BV420D

Sleek and compact barcode printer, capable of integrating into the most challenging environments. High print speeds of up to 177.8mm/s provide high throughput.

Portable Barcode Printers: maximise freedom of movement

Portable barcode printers are small devices that operate completely wirelessly. As a rule, they are based on direct thermal printing technology, the small dimensions do not allow for a Ribbon and they are prepared to print both adhesive labels with barcodes and conventional receipts.

This type of barcode printer is designed to be carried by operators in a holster or by a belt clip. It provides total freedom of movement to be able to work with both hands on the package or 

product, reducing the possibility of damage during handling and avoiding unnecessary movement.

Due to its characteristics, it is an ideal device for the transport or logistics sector, as thanks to its small size and lightness it is easily transported, allowing carriers to take it with them everywhere. Get quality labels anywhere, instantly.

Industrial Barcode Printers: high volume printing while maximising quality

Industrial barcode printers are the right equipment when we have a special need, which simpler printers, such as desktop or portable printers, cannot satisfy. They are ideal for high-volume printing, as they have rugged aluminium housings and are faster and more efficient than those used for simpler applications. In addition, they have the ability to print using both direct thermal and ribbon thermal transfer, so they are able to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be.

In addition, automatic industrial labellers and industrial inkjet printers that print with ink on

the packaging itself can be mounted on the production line to automate the marking and/or printing and affixing of barcodes or other adhesive labels.

Their strength and robustness make them perfect for demanding environments such as industry and logistics. In this field, there are also specific models for the health or chemical sector. They also enable quality printing on virtually any media throughout the working day.

Impresora de código de barras industrial Honeywell PX940

Industrial Barcode Printers

Ideal for printing large numbers of heavy-duty labels in the most demanding environments.

APL 3500 industrial labelling machine

Automatic industrial barcode labelling machines

Ideal for automated printing and affixing of adhesive labels on the production line.

MRX Series Industrial Inkjet Barcode Printer

Inkjet barcode printers for industrial marking

The solution for industrial inkjet marking on packaging passing through the production line.

"Barcode printers print quickly and in high quality. In addition, they require less maintenance than other printers, which reduces their cost."



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