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Secure reading of any 2D code

2D barcode readers are devices that allow us to read, interpret and transmit the information contained in a two-dimensional barcode to a computer or mobile terminal. Unlike traditional or 1D barcodes that can only store up to 30 characters, 2D barcodes can hold up to 3000 characters with a wealth of information about the product or item being labelled.

But when it comes to choosing a 2D barcode reader, we must bear in mind that there are several types of 2D barcodes. The most common are QR or QuickResponse codes and Datamatrix codes, each with their own peculiarities.

Unlike traditional barcodes, readers that work with Datamatrix and QR codes are equipped with error correction technology, allowing for more accurate readings that prevent subsequent production or traceability problems due to misidentification.

QR Code Reader

While both QR codes and Datamatrix codes are error-corrected and can store more information than 1D barcodes, the main advantage of QR codes is that they are open source, so they are used worldwide and are easy to create.

For this reason, QR code readers are widely used in sectors that require interaction with

the public, such as leisure, where they are used for ticket identification, tourism, where we need to check-in, or retail, where they allow us to link the online and offline worlds, for example, by including a QR code on the label that directs us to an online catalogue or by reading coupons.

Datamatrix Code Readers

Datamatrix codes, unlike QR codes, are used in specialised sectors, as the Datamatrix code is one of the main international standards. It is used especially in sectors where quality controls are very demanding, such as the aerospace, naval, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Thanks to the large amount of information they contain and the ability of Datamatrix code 

readers to read damaged codes, readers that can read Datamatrix codes are the most suitable for tracking the traceability of products.

For this reason, many governments and organisations require the mandatory use of such codes, such as the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios).

Handheld QR and Datamatrix code readers

Unlike fixed readers, handheld QR code and Datamatrix readers are best suited to situations requiring operators with greater freedom of movement. When choosing a 2D code reader on a gun,

we must take into account whether freedom of movement is more important, in which case we will choose a wireless QR and Datamatrix reader, or autonomy, in which case a wired reader will be the most suitable option.

Datalogic Gryphon 4500 HC 2D

It has a housing specially designed for healthcare environments and offers the longest lifetime of any 2D wired reader on the market.

Honeywell Xenon XP 1950g QR and DataSet Reader

Honeywell Xenon XP 1950g

Its advanced technology allows for extended depth of field, faster reading and improved performance of low quality QR reading.

Gryphon GD4400 HC 2D Datalogic Chemistry, Pharmacy, Health. 25 IPS 0 to 40cm. (Depending on the code) IP52
Xenon XP 1950g Honeywell Industry, Logistics, Retail 24 IPS 0 to 60cm. (Depending on the code) IP52

Fixed QR and Datamatrix code readers

Fixed 2D code readers, such as QR or Datamatrix, are mainly used in applications where the item with the code is the one approaching the reader and not the other way around. This situation is most often found in leisure, retail, receiving, production or order picking lines.

In this type of application, the operator works at a fixed point through which the different elements pass, so the fixed QR and Datamatrix code reader is the best option to be able to work more efficiently with his hands free to handle the packages.

Datalogic Matrix 120 fixed QR and Datamatrix code reader

Datalogic Matrix 120

Ultra-compact industrial 1D/2D imager that fits into any space. With an IP65 rating, it is ideal for both the more industrial and food and beverage sectors

Datalogic Datamatrix Matrix 320 and QR fixed code reader

Datalogic Matrix 320

1D/2D imager code reader with an excellent field of view that allows even the most difficult to read codes to be scanned at high speeds.

Model Brand Application Reading distance Sealing
Matrix 120 Datalogic Electronics, Factory Automation, OEM, Healthcare 25mm to 220mm. (Depending on WVGA or 1.2 MP model) IP65
Matrix 320 Datalogic Automotive, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical,
Electronics, General Manufacturing
35mm to 1500mm. (Depending on model with 14 or 36 LEDs) IP65 y IP67

"If you need to manage tickets, perform check-in processes, register vouchers or identify people at events, you need a QR scanner."



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